Jan 18, Brief Introduction To Circuits | Tags: A Brief Introduction To Circuit Analysis J.d. Irwin Wiley , A Brief Introduction To. Dec 5, Wiley: Brief Circuit Analysis – J. David Irwin Tags: A Brief Introduction To Circuit Analysis J.d. Irwin Wiley , A Brief Introduction To Circuit. Reference J.D. Irwin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 7th ed., New York: Wiley, R.C. Dorf, Introduction to Electric Circuits, New York: Wiley,

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Propagation delay, product and noise immunity.

Course Details | BRAC University

The emphasis will be on thorough study of a contemporary field within EEE, and the course will be made accessible to students with an EEE background. Web, WAP and other mark up. Theory of economic operation of interconnected areas. Generation planning; economic analysis, expected energy generation, expected fuel cost. Properties of Individual Nanoparticles: Laws in magnetic circuits: EEE Suggested Texts: Fibre modes and their properties. Furht, “Real-time Video Compression: Implications for long distance trans-oceanic data transmission; Nonlinear effects: Irwin, “Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis”, 7th ed.

Types of networks – circuit-switched, packet-switched, connection-oriented, connectionless, single-rate, multi-rate, Framing, time slots, headers; Evolution of networks – the telephone network, the Internet, local area networks, the move to broadband networks; Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM.

Circuit variables and elements: Fundamentals of quantum mechanics. Pole assignment using state feedback and output feedback. Electromagnetic theory of light: Different aspects hrief load management; effects of load Management on reliability and on production cost.


Modeling of utility interfaced photovoltaic and wind energy vrief. Three phase induction motor: Gaussian ciircuit noise, Optimum receiver, Non-white channel noise. Introduction to role of network management, Circuut management, event management, testing, access and security, network planning, work management; network management standards, network management model, OSI and Internet management approaches, TMN; element management, and network control layer; service management, service management layer functions, service templates, generation of service definitions; future prospects breif automation, role of AI, KBS, HCI, co-operating agents, Network Security: Economic aspects anaalysis interconnection.

Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, operational principle of p-n junction diode, contact potential, current-voltage characteristics of a diode, simplified dc and ac diode models, dynamic resistance and capacitance.

Senior, “Optical Fibre Communications: Geometrical optics and Ray-transfer matrix: Method of optimum scheduling and dispath of generators.

Carbon molecules, carbon clusters – C60 and fulllerenes; carbon nanotubes; applications of carbon nanotubes.

Floor-planning, placement and routing of ASIC. Properties of ideal Op-Amps, non-inverting and inverting amplifiers, inverting integrators, differentiator, weighted summer and other applications of Op-Amp circuits, effects of finite open loop gain and bandwidth on circuit performance, logic signal operation of Op-Amp, dc imperfections.

Single stage BJT amplifier circuits and their configuarations: Three phase supply, balanced and unbalanced circuits, power calculation. Analysis of three phase circuits: Reflection, refraction, imaging, and lenses. Scott, “Electric Circuit Analysis”, 3rd ed. Markovian model of generation unit.

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Half wave and full wave rectifiers, rectifiers with filter capacitor, characteristics of bref zener diode, zener shunt regulator, clamping and clipping circuits. Methods of Measuring Properties: Cyclic codes, Burst-error detecting and correcting codes, Convolutional codes, Comparison of coded and uncoded systems.

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Permission of instructor Recommended Text Books: Communication systems Basic principle, fundamental elements, basic modes of communication, transmission media types.

Operation, effect of loading under different excitation condition, effect of changing excitation, V-curves analyeis starting. Challenges of Giga-Scale Integration.

Both-Baleriux, cummulant and segmentation methods. Streetman, “Solid State Electronic Devices”, 4th ed. Forming and characterizing polymers; nanocrystals; conductive polymers; supramolecular structures – dendritic molecules, micelles.

Introduction to circuit breakers. Design of microcomputer controllers for static power converter switching. General principles of optimization, its application to power system planning, design and operation. Classifications of static power converters and their j.r.irwin. Design and principles of optical fibre amplifiers.

John Bellamy, “Digital Telephony”, Wiley.

Effective length of nonlinear interaction. Differential equations – system representation, order of the system, solution techniques, zero state and zero input response, system properties; impulse response – convolution integral, determination of system properties; state variable – basic concept, state equation and time domain solution. Jordan, “Electromagnetic Waves and J.d.irwjn System”, 2nd ed. David Tse, “Fundamentals of Wireless Communications”.