Shari’a Standards. shariaa. The volume of Shari’ah Standards has become the. Impairment, Credit Losses and Onerous Commitments. Impairment, Credit. Sharia’a Standards. Fullscreen Mode. Thumbnails Document Outline.

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Islamic Law of Contract.

The basic rules of Musharakah. Three Levels of Interventions: Ijarah as a Mode of Financing. Foreign Branches of Pakistani Banks.

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Factors of Productions in Islam: Comments on the Objectives of Fiscal Policy. Centralization of the Waqf System. Poverty from the Wealth of Nations. Takaful Insurance – Explained. See our Cookie Policy. A Proposal Islamic Financial System: Honesty in Public Funds. Institutional Buildup at Grassroots.

The Contemporary Scene of Economics. Fate of Land Reforms. The Ten Conditions of Waqf. Poverty in Developing Countries Malaysia The Future — Vision Islamic Money and Banking: Role of Bangladesh Central Bank. Simple and Compound Interest. Cash Waqfs in the Ottoman Economy.


Economic History of Islam. Government of Local Elite Shurafa. The Socialist View Factors of Production: Sources of Funds of Islamic Banks.

Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions

Islamic Banking An Early Experiment: Islamic Instruments for Secondary Reserves. Implicit Strategy for Islamization. The Problems in Economics. Social Integration with Cultural Diversity: Tabung Haji Saving Procedures: Liability in Case of Loss.

Discount Rate in the Theory of Corporation Finance. Concerns Raised on Child Labour. Pakistan Supreme Court Response to Challenges. Experience of Islamic Banks: Remedy for Poverty in Islam.

AAOIFI – Accounting Standards and IFRS –

Other Measures to Tackle Poverty. Gearing in Investment Funds. Mechanism of Fiscal Policy. Mudarabah as a Mode of Finance.

The Role of Islamic Finance. Some Ground Realities Globalization: