Akai S Sampler & MD disk drive owners manuals. I no longer have this sampler/drive, but I found the owners manuals in my file cabinet. This is. AKAI MODEL S SECTION 4 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM AIVIC PC BOARDS No part of this manual may be re- produced in any form without permission from. Akai S This page is mainly under construction. 😉 I want to collect here useful information regarding the Akai S Sampler. user manual (to be scanned); service manual part 1 · service manual part 2 · Update: Info regarding the.

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The clock for reception. Pull up on the felt pad holder, then remove the felt pad from the holder. Parts identified by the A symbol parts are critical for safety.

The S is also equipped with continuous variable-pass low-pass filters for adding a milder touch to samples. A short sampled sound can be continuously played with no time restrictions and without sounding awkward. Filter – Continuous variable low-pass filter. How to read the parts list a Mechanism Block b P. The clock for transmission Remove the 4 screws on the left and right side pan- els 2 each of the Akai MD It’s definitely a limited sampler, but it makes a cheap back-up instrument that may come in handy for lo-fi sounds or triggered effects.

If required, perform the troubleshooting of the S by refering the S service manual.


Never connect this plug to any other equipment. August Subject: Board has been changed from VI.

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In this case, refer to the S service manual and perform the repair- ment of the S Replace only with parts wkai specified. Thanks, Caleb Read more New 2-R98 2-R 27K 2-R 2. Refer to the head cleaning method as shown in the Maintenance I page 12 and perform the cleaning. Sound distorts when sampled at maximum level. David still leads Akai’s London Research and Development team.

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After attaching the felt pad to the felt pad holder, replace into place gently. Observe that wires do not contact heat producing parts heatsinks, oxide metal film resistors, fusible resistors, etc. If the symptoms still exist, turn off the S and disconnect the MD from the S and see if the S6 1 2 works properly by itself. Connect aai MD with the S and then switch the power on must confirm if the connection is surely connected or not.

Consider that the stan- dard width of rub-out surface is over 2mm.

Akai S612 Manuals

July Service Ref. If there is no indication even if the above process has been performed, it would be considered that the S has some trouble. In addition to safety, other parts and assemblies are specified for conformance with such regulations as those applying to spurious radiation.

A transmitting data output. This can be accomplished by using the Reference Number listed at the right of the part number in the Parts Index. Motor Controller Serves manuwl controlling the rotary speed and speed- torque characteristics of the motor, by increasing the current flowing through the motor when at an increased motor load, and will not only enhance the speed-torque characteristics of the motor above its bare characteristics, but also suppress the effect of power supply voltage fluctuations.

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The determination can be performed by replacing the felt pad akak a new one. Because the starting or ending point of the sample can be selected at any time, it is possible to play the sound after elimination of an undesired portion s6112 the sample. The value of registors in Main P.

The S is equipped with an LFO sine wave onlywhich can add vibrato effects with a delay. The S was one of Akai’s first professional rack-mount samplers, released back in Skai care that foreign objects screws, solder droplets, etc.

If the sampler disk is the cause, replace the sam- pler disk with a new one.

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Replace it with a new disk if necessary. The S contains an advanced scanning mode system with ‘looping’ and ‘alternating’ modes. Insert a screwdriver into the 2 holes on the rear panel.

Confirm the subsequent indi- cations.