Buy The Inflationary Universe on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. These problems would disappear if, in its early history, the universe Alan H. Guth See Focus story: Landmarks: The Inflationary Universe. The Inflationary Universe has ratings and 30 reviews. This is the compelling, first-hand account of Alan Guth’s paradigm-breaking discovery of the origins.

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Alan Guth – Wikipedia

He then turns to people inflationaey knowledgeable. View all 72 comments. And they did, although what they came up with was something very different from the kind of matter that we were talking about previously.

The description of the physics involved is, for what it is, at least as good, but it is a very broad overview, and other books can provide detail that it does not. The way the inflationary thoery came to be was not elegant with fits and starts and filling gaps with conjecture. Inflation is one of those ideas that is so elegant and useful that most working astronomers assume it or something like it must be true even without any direct observational evidence.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But they also said that they could offer more than that — there’s also dark matter.

Trivia About The Inflationary Again I ask “why” Guth answer is ” Although we do not necessarily understand ‘why’ the early universe was so uniform,the cosmic background radiation provides direct evidence that it was ” he also states ” after two thousand years of scientific research, Lucretius was wrong.

So, ah, to summarise, no one except a handful of experts understands our current theories about the origins of the universe well enough to say whether they make sense, but Alan Guth, the guy who kicked it off, has written a book about how we got here.

It this is the dumbed-down version of particle physics, I don’t even want to try. The Inflationary Universe Published 25 March The idea of inflation—an exponential expansion of the universe in its first moments—was published inin a paper that imported new ideas from particle physics into theoretical cosmology.


In the supercooled state, universee false vacuum is produced. After more than doubling time, the inflation stops by forming bubbles. Apr 21, Daniel Woodworth rated it it onflationary amazing Shelves: As long as the exponential expansion continues long enough; the value of omega reaches one with great accuracy.

The recent BICEP2 discovery of a gravity wave signature in the CMB, if they survive the simmering controversywould be the first direct evidence for inflation. Importance of the coupling-constant temperature dependence in supercooled phase transitions Marc Sher Phys. The third problem that needed an explanation is that the big bang inflaationary of Friedman, Lemaitre, Hubble, and others describes the universe as a giant refrigerator cooling and expanding forever, and the remnants of this bang still exists today as an afterglow of 2.

His early childhood was unremarkable, although he showed a strong aptitude for mathematics.

They were pretty well able to guarantee that there wasn’t any more than that out there; that was all they could detect. As someone trained in particle physics but relatively ignorant of early universe theory, a new field for him at the time, Guth is refreshingly humble about the contributions univerze others that he built upon for his own breakthroughs.

A concise and human background for those who desire understanding of basic cosmology. String theories began purely as theories of strings, but when people began to study their dynamics more carefully, they discovered that for consistency it was not possible to have a theory which only discussed strings.

Guth first released his ideas on cosmic inflation in a seminar at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in earlyand he went overnight from being worried about his job prospects to being besieged with offers. The writing is clear, even lighthearted at times, despite the esoteric topic According to the preface, this book was written for the nonscientist.

That is a much more exciting story to many people than the tales ijflationary other people used to make up about the universe — that we were living on the back of a turtle or something like that. What I was looking for was a book that would provide a solid conceptual foundation in quantum physics and Big Bang cosmology, written for non-specialists but not dumbed down, while clearly distinguishing what we know almost with certainty from what remains pure speculation.


You heard it here first folks! Aug 20, Tomislav rated it it was amazing Shelves: The inflation is driven by the physics of GUT, a patch of false vacuum, volume 10exp cubic centimeters and a mass of 10exp solar masses about 25 grams ; this corresponds to a density of 10exp 80 per cubic centimeter; lead to inflation and thus the universe evolves out of nothing at all.

As a junior particle physicist, Guth developed univerde idea of cosmic inflation in at Cornell and gave his first seminar on the subject in January This is a wonderful book about a great idea and a great epoch in human intellectual history.


Some people may not like that he barely mentions string theory and the more cutting-edge ideas of the last couple of decades, but this isn’t the last book I’m likely to read on the subject — rather, it was the first. The universe after inflation would have been very uniform even though the parts were not still in touch with each other.

Alan Guth is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist, known mainly for his work on elementary particle theory and how particle theory is applicable to the early universeand particularly for the idea, which he developed aroundof cosmic inflation and the inflationary universethe idea that the nascent universe passed through a phase of exponential expansion soon after the Big Bangdriven by a positive vacuum energy density.

Almost inflationagy, Guth himself, like the universe he postulated, exploded from an unknown grad student unievrse one of the superstars of astrophysics. By answering the question of what drove the universe into expansion, the inflationary theory can also answer some questions about that expansion that would otherwise be very mysterious.