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Bottle PR, a UK based agency established indefines almassas as “a general term that refers to the number of people reading a particular publication, including both the individual who amassae the publication and others who have read it Bottle PR, 8th February For the purposes of this study, these ways are not discussed in detail, but their general principles are used to outline how readership is operationally defined and measured.

Kuwait, for instance, has awarded 10 new licenses sincewhich led to a flood of new titles in and These are Waseet broakerI’elanak your ad and Zedni get me more. The government started its own newspaper, Omaninand several other new newspaper titles started to emerge erratically over journl years with a very a long interval between one another. However, the study lacks robust statistical and theoretical analyses.

Almassae Press Maroc – News multiple-feed app

Retrieved 28 April His modern vision and openness to the world brought in many positive changes to the country, including the growth and expansion of the media sector. If free tabloids and newspapers were added to the paid dailies, global circulation would increase by 3. These are average issue readership which in itself includes another five subcategories, reach or the circulation audience, frequency, the Startch method, readers per copy and eye tracking.

In many countries, circulation figures are steadily increasing, readership is not severely affected by the digital news sources and the decline in advertising revenue has affected print and digital media alike because of the economic crisis since The scope of editorial content and interest of Omani newspapers is not remarkably different.

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The analyses indicated that gender, age, education and income were strong predictors of the time spent on reading newspapers in most European countries. Both Oman and Observer follow the same editorial policy as they are considered the mouthpiece of the Omani government. He conducted his study on respondents aged 18 years and above from the city of Muscat. Oman is a monarchy with a population of slightly over three millions according to a estimate by the Ministry of National Economy abolished by a royal decree in March This result shows that amongst expatriates in Omanelectronic media, other than TV, have not constituted a threat to the readership of books and newspapers.

Both Oman and Alshabiba are more read occasionally.

Respondents were asked to name their most read and favourite newspaper. Does the duration of the act of reading, its frequency and the method of reading skimming, almassze and thorough affect our measurement of readership? Arabs prefer reading the print version of their favorite newspapers to the electronic one.

Retrieved 7 September The images engraved in the minds of the readers affect newspapers’ credibility and readership.

Many newspapers in Oman have also undergone layout changes. Retrieved from ” https: She conducted her study on a stratified sample totaling female subjects.

Yet, newspapers continued to grow and continued to have their audience.

List of newspapers in Morocco

Most Arab readers of the electronic newspapers were predominantly male, young almaesae middle-aged adults and business professionals or students in higher education. In the last three years, it published many controversial issues and that led to many lawsuits against the newspaper, the most publicized of which was Azzaman vs. However, when readers’ image or view about the professionalism of Oman was correlated with the frequency of reading, a different result was observed. The paper also publishes three main supplements for sport, economy and arts.

Competition in a free and open market is inevitable, but it is the duty of the newspaper industry to become proactive and to work towards meeting the needs of its readers in this age of globalization.


In this study, the operational definition of design and layout covers seven areas that attest to the appearance and presentation of the almassqe in any given newspaper.

The total mean scores of these topics are higher than others. However, his study indicated a almassaw shift in which Alwatn has become more preferred and frequently read than Oman. Their mean scores are higher than those of readers aged thirty one years old and above.

According to the World Association of Newspapersthe number of newspaper titles rose by 5. However, readers’ image of Omani newspapers was examined through the subjects’ responses to six professional values and characteristics; censorship, credibility, responsibility, sensationalism, audacity and timeliness.

The rest are either newsletters or erratic publications. Therefore, it is important to examine the role these variables play in the current study. Nevertheless, many Arabic newspaper titles have also closed down across the region.

It is obvious that there is no consensus as to what readership precisely means and how it can thereafter be wlmassae.

Readers almasaae a high school education are more satisfied than others with newspapers’ coverage of jourhal, culture, ads, religious and medical topics. Alshabiba began as a sport magazine until it stopped in The fact that mobile phones and the internet are interactive media, very accessible especially on campus and more than just a source of information, would partially explain why students found them very important.

Journa 15 shows that Oman daily cultivated the highest percentage for censorship. Now, it is published in 48 pages using paper size 40 x 60cm, with some pages printed on glossy paper since Inthe paper has undergone major changes including its design, layout, paper size and even its logo in an endeavour to attract more readers in a small but competitive market.

The remaining Arabic dailies, AlwatanOman and Alshabiba are the oldest.