Secondary angle closure glaucoma resulting from total anterior synechia leads to gradual bulging of the cornea. Corneal exposure can result in chronic keratitis. Looking for online definition of anterior staphyloma in the Medical Dictionary? anterior staphyloma explanation free. What is anterior staphyloma? Meaning of. histopathological features of congenital corneal staphyloma are discussed, as well as the possible anteroposterior length, with an abnormal anterior segment .

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Rua Casa do Ator, – cj. This is the first case that is associated with anterior staphyloma.

anterior staphyloma

Acquired anterior staphylomas most frequently occurs because of untreated perforated ulcers 1. Congenital malformations of cornea associated with embryonic arrest of ectodermal and mesodermal structures.

He was the result of a normal full-term pregnancy and there had been no ocular discharge at birth. This article does not cite any sources. There may be associated secondary angle closure glaucoma, may cause progression of the bulge if not treated. On the equator of the eye region circumferencing the largest diameter orthogonal to the visual axis.

He then returned to hospital with complaints of light sensitivity and difficulty in closing his right eye.

The protrusion is generally black in colour, due to the inner layers of the eye. Normal and abnormal development congenital deformities In: Posterior staphylomas are more commonly congenital at birth or as a manifestation of more extreme myopia nearsightedness.


Left eye examination revealed inferior superficial punctate keratopathy without the evidence of an infection. He was homeless and admitted to using crack cocaine daily over the past 4 months.

What is staphyloma? – American Academy of Ophthalmology

Corneal complications associated with the use of crack cocaine. In conclusion, drug abuse remains a common problem nowadays. Chronic corneal inflammation may also cause keloid formation in staphylomatous corneas 5 and a dermis-like choristoma has also been reported.

When related to myopia, the vision correction or disturbance is usually from the myopia alone although the staphylomatous protrusion in the back of the eye can contribute to visual distortion. A few cases of acquired anterior staphyloma associated with drug abuse have been reported in the literature.

The corneal epithelium is hyperkeratotic showing marked acanthosis. His left eye anrerior stable. At this time, the patient agreed to surgical intervention.

What is staphyloma?

However, we will follow up with suggested ways to find appropriate information related to your question. The spectrum of associated ocular and systemic malformations. Why has my near vision gotten worse since my cataract surgery two weeks ago?

Acquired anterior staphyloma occurs subsequent to corneal perforation, usually following untreated or non-responding infective keratitis 1. However, the posterior segment and optic nerve appeared normal.


Sclerokeratoplasty versus penetrating keratoplasty in anterior staphyloma. The appearance of the protruded area was similar to a blueberry in color, size, and shape Figure 1.

The conjunctiva was closed, and subconjunctival antibiotics and steroids were injected. Here we describe a case of anterior staphyloma.

The ectatic corneal protrusion is lined on its inner surface by uveal tissue causing the blue hue. The stroma is edematous, vascu-larized and diffusely infiltrated by acute and chronic inflammatory cells. None of the authors have any potential conflicts of interest to disclose.

Due to severe deformity of the blind eye, we considered enucleation to be the most appropriate treatment.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. National Center aterior Biotechnology InformationU. The right eye had a chorioretinal coloboma. Histopathologic examination of congenital corneal staphyloma reveals severe corneal ectasia with the posterior aspect of the staphyloma lined by atrophic iris.

Our patient underwent a large sclerokeratoplasty; however, because of the loss to follow-up, we do not xnterior the possible complications he could postoperatively develop.