The AquaForte SmartSieve with a micron screen, twin 4 inch inlets, gallons per hour capacity and a price of $ including shipping. A new breakthrough in technology and price level! Twin inlets (mm) Patented flow regulation. Strong Polyethylene housing. Improved edges around sieve. Has anyone using one of these sieves any feed back would be welcome, Cant find anything about them bar the basic on the Aquaforte website.

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Related items or information of interest we recommend: There are braces built into the lower half of the container. Koi Art and Posters. Description Manufactures AquaForte introduces SmartSieve, a breakthrough in production technology and price range!

Multi Cyclone Solids Remover. I have a ball valve before the pump to smmartsieve the sieve and pump. The sieve filter is supplied with a lid. There are plastic strips on sthe side of the screen that you can adjust out so there is no gap between the sidewall and screen They have remedied that with the smart sieve by molding the screen and side supports into it.

One of these sieves can handle both your 4″ bottom drains, no problem. If you see there are 4 holes in the push rod the float should have a ziptie going through 1 of the holes. He says it is because the weir opening is just plastic on plastic so a watertight seal can’t be produced. Thanks for the feedback Spaun, very valuable.


Aquaforte Smart Sieve

I aquafotte know if this would be of any additional help but page 3 has more sjartsieve Contact us if you want to become an official AquaForte dealer. Evolution Aqua Perfect Pond Pumps. The weir opening is 2 inches max but appears to be below the pond surface water level. More Products In This Category. Crystal Bio Shower Filter. I have 2 BDs but I have to use 2 sieves mainly for 2 pumps to feed all my filters: No I can not I havent got it hooked up yet ended up working all last weekend.

Thanks for posting the video.

Aquaforte Smart Sieve

These sieves are looking better and better. AquaForte Smart Sieve Specifications: I figured for the price I could almost get 2 as opposed to 1 aqua forte You only mention that you have a space constraint as far as “width” wquaforte 55″.

Roto Concept Gravity Shower. Or it doesn’t matter between 1 and 2 since it’s below pond level and pump would be flooded.

Ecomony Airstones – Disc. I really don’t think we should be blaming the end user. The pump connection comes with a long suction The model i’ve found doesn’t seem to be the midi version. I have one of these on order, should be arriving in the next days. Aquafortr Affinity Ice Vent Heater.


Including lid is supplied! Looking again at the guy’s videos, in the last one of them above, no matter how hard he pushes against the weir it aquafotte completely shut off the water i. But, they aren’t part of the product line being discussed here either.

A breakthrough in production technology and price level! Dirty Harry Pre Filter. Elecro G2 Heat Exchanger. Xclear Automatic Fish Feeders. Can you get us the dimensions of the unit?

BWG, how are you planning on hooking up the pump? Velda Auto Fish Feeders. Crystal Bio Shower Package Deal. This would help smarhsieve the integrity of the shape.

AquaForte Sieve Filters

And its pouring again today. I wont be able to install it untill this weekend at least. The Smart Sieve comes with a micron stainless steel Sieve element and a dmartsieve duty cover lid. Cetus Sieve Evolution Aqua. They will have to up its capacity and add another input or drop its price drastically to compete. Is it too tight for what I’m trying to accomplish? Pond water will flow over the aaquaforte of the auto-adjustable dam A.