The Dongtan Plan: Comissioned by SIIC, and designed by ARUP. – Planned for a massive shift of people from rural areas to urban areas. – Transportation. Dongtan is a plan for a new eco-city on the island of Chongming in Shanghai, China. Arup, the British engineering consultancy firm, was contracted in by the developer, The Shanghai Industrial Investment Company (SIIC), to design . That they really saw Arup’s expensively produced Dongtan masterplan as a blueprint for a more sustainable future. They didn’t. Not when it.

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Firstly, the project has been hailed by Arup as a visionary eco-city, a line that has then been repeated without crticism or investigation by most media organisations keen for a China good news story and being steanmrollered by the impressive Arup PR machine. Energy demand will be substantially lower than comparable conventional cities due to the high performance of buildings and a zero emission transport zone within the city. The main designer, Thomas V. Sze also provides historical context for parts of Shanghai prior to the development push, reminding us that Chongming Island, now earmarked to double in population and serve as a major shipyard and manufacturing centre, was once known more for its brothels than the birds now found in its wetland.

The only vehicles allowed in the city will be powered by electricity or hydrogen. A key element of this is the Dongtan Institute for Sustainability which will initially be based in Tongji University. Well, it is now exactly a year until the start of the Expo.

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Not when it came to it. Arup and Dongtan, worthy winner of Greenwasher of the year By Paul French on Dec 4, Arup’s Dongtan project is a masterpiece of greenwashing on several counts.

Arup and Dongtan, worthy winner of Greenwasher of the year | Ethical Corporation

Their time was wasted. Non-academic readers may puzzle over her dongtwn abstract terminology, which Sze tries to clarify: The non-existent eco-city has also given Arup dongtqn guanxi connections with the Chinese govenrment who, in return for maintaing that the illusory Dongtan is a ‘green’ project have awarded Arup numerous projects in China from decidely ungreen airports to skyscrapers. China Builds a Bright Green Metropolis”.

Lots of grand promises, but in the end the old entrenched ways mean little happens. Energy portal China portal. Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone praised Dongtan as pioneering work leading to a more sustainable future. And its first 25, citizens would be living the good life there in time for the Shanghai World Expo inat which it would be by far the largest exhibit, reached by a new tunnel and bridge.

Topics Greenhouse gas emissions Greenwash. View fact sheet for more information.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Archived from the original on 25 April Yet, five years after the World Expo the Dongtan dream has been abandoned. Waste is considered to be a resource and most of the city’s waste will be recycled.

Dongtsn when it comes to it, China cannot deliver that. The first are already under construction. Dongtan was planned to open, with accommodation for 10, in time for the Shanghai World Expo in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The project office is shut. The Controlling authorities are now backtracking on these commitments and allowing private vehicles onto the site. We wanted to change the rules in Dongtan, to do everything different.

Is it all over?

Dongtan, Shanghai

For the new town in South Korea, see Dongtan, Hwaseong. Sze is a native New Yorker, but her father hails from Chongming Island in the Yangtze delta, which used to be dismissed as a rural backwater offshore from Shanghai before it was set aside to create Dongtan, an eco-city for half a million people.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British academics carried out energy audits aimed at giving Dongtan’s future citizens an ecological footprint a quarter that of other Shanghai citizens. Searching for Dongtan on Google, there are aroundhits.

The problems are more fundamental. This page was last edited on 4 Aprilat Did he ever mean it? So congratulations to Arup for creating an eco-myth to rival Atlantis and Shangri-La far away from the Thames Gateway Arup too in eastern China by the shores of the Yangtze which has brought them so much non-green business globally.