Comments, Questions, and Answers related to “Water Hammer (Time History) Example” in AutoPIPE. Note: 1. There is a complete Fluid. Dec , AutoPIPE V8i Elbow / Bend Pipe Supports Examples. AutoPIPE online help has the following 5 elbow support example. AutoPIPE has 9 different types of pipe supports. Notes, Spring Hanger Related Topics, Guide-Related Topics, Modeling Examples, etc.

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Reduce the cost and time to produce compliant piping and vessel designs for any plant environment, including nuclear.

Different Types of Supports In AutoPIPE? – AutoPIPE Wiki – AutoPIPE – Bentley Communities

Modeling approach to account for piping beyond modeled piping. Pipe riser vertical pipe to correctly account for GR weight on each floor support. Modeling approach to account for piping beyond modeled piping. Overall the user is responsible for selecting the actual values used in their analysis.

By-Pass, Join 2 pipe runs, etc. On step 11, time history Cold Spring From online help: Another words the first shock wave ends and the 2nd one begins, See “W1. Executing Water Hammer Example apham1 3. When referring to a V-stop, the bearing aufopipe stiffness is Rigid and only acts in the Vertical direction regardless of the modeled pipe slope.

01. Straight Pipe Supports Modeling Examples in AutoPIPE

Qinghai Magnesium Smelter — Dehydration Facility Hatch sets up Bentley-based, data-centric environment to model and modify massive dehydration facility transported from Canada to China.


Thus, a cut cannot be defined at the first point exzmples the pipe system. The trapezoid in the example help file doesn’t compare with the time history profile in the model.

Overall, this value should examplds based on sound engineering judgement where typical values range from – hz. Modeling approach to account for piping beyond modeled piping. Share History More Cancel. With that said, this is just an example that used arbitrary values from the typical range. On step 3, where does 0. The equation to calculate this value is mentioned in the same step of this example, refer to the step in the example for details.

In addition, the intent of the examples is auropipe present ways to create adequate models of specific piping components for analytical purposes.

The steps shown in each example should not be taken as the only method available to create models. Account for piping beyond exam;les of work area. A cold spring is used to reduce thermal forces on vessels, pumps, and other types of equipment connected to a piping system. Tutorial – Training – Distance Learning – etc Soil Properties Underground Piping 3. Accelerate the delivery of compliant nuclear piping designs with comprehensive, nuclear-specific analysis and design code coverage.

Ring Main circular header e. Engineering Information Management for Power Generation. See how its advanced capabilities can automatically generate detailed autolipe drawings and 3D models in AutoCAD, MicroStation, and SolidWorks with the click of a button, reducing engineering hours and cost. This creates a state of internal pre-stress which is opposed to the stress that results from the high temperatures encountered under operating conditions. The following list contains detailed information about specialized modeling techniques with AutoPIPE: The following list contains detailed information about specialized modeling techniques with AutoPIPE:.


Applies To Product s: EquipmentSupports, eexamples Structure a. Bell foot type concrete supports in Soil. I am having trouble making sense of the cold spring cut short utility in Autopipe. Pipe Rack support 5. Create a Water hammer load case W2 for the suction line from point A06 to A00 as shown below. Sway Autopips support 3. On step 9, what is the hz selected, ie whywhy notwhere did you get from. Dynamic “Time History” Analysis.

Modeling Support and Beam Structures. This help has been provided in order to give examlles ideas for modeling typical piping arrangements. Share History More Cancel.

Smart Pig going thru the Pipeline 5. The force reduction is achieved by fabricating the pipe slightly shorter than the required dimension and then pulling it into place exanples erection at the ambient temperature. Questions about this article, topic, or product? Modeling approach to account for piping beyond modeled piping.