PREFACE The present volume contains the Brahmanda Purana, Part I (Chapters ) completing the first-two sections (Prakriyd and Anusaiiga) of the text in. INR / $ , Title: Sri Brahmanda Puranam, Author: hi Chakravarthi Ph.D., Genre: Spiritual. The Brahmanda Purana (The History Of The Universe)Is One Of The Eighteen Mahapuranas, A Genre Of Eighteen Hindu Religious Texts And Has Been.

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Though the special feature of Dharma Sastra in Bd. The corner- stone of Puranic lore, is a mix of the Vedic Brahman and the Sankhya concept of three gunas etc. The benevolent Ganesa is the son of Uma.

The story begins after the Srdddha-Kalpa procedure of performing Sraddha as follows: Enumeration of remaining Manu epochs I. A cult worshipping the image of Skanda, was teelugu vogue at the time ofPataiijali 1st Cent A. Accompanied with mystic syllables like Oin Hrim a number of epithets of Krsna express his close association with Radha.

Astadasa Puranamulu | Andhra-Telugu

Mythological legends The most outstanding feat ascribed to Rudra in all the Puranas e. He recalls his divine charioteer and advances against Haihayas, Karttavlrya’s son Vltihotra hides and saves his life. In Treta Yuga, there was only tleugu Vedic Samhita. In order to respect the axe of god Siva, Ganesa allowed a tusk of his to be cut down n.


Sri Brahmanda Puranam

The need of annotations is puran therefore. The number of kings enumerated is 16 and the total years of their rule amounts to The second episode Bd. Bhrgu visits the hermitage and revives Jamadagni. One wonders why the Mbh. Citrd, Vrtti and Dakfind. MW Monier Williams Sk. In this section there is the summing 1.

The birth of Pramati; the diminution by Angulas of the living beings in the Kaliyuga — these are mentioned. PE Puranic Encyclopaedia by V. M K P Mdrkandeya Parana. Preceptor Visvamitra, Annihilated Ksattriyas.

XI Halahala — No apparent cause. Tamas ignoranceMoha Delusion Mahamoha great Delusion and others These are the Klesas in the Togasdstra unfolded itself and immobile mukhya or sthdvara creation took place. It means either’winking ofthe eye’ or ‘time required to uttera short letter, laghvakfaram vide Brahmsnda.

Ixxii Brahmanda Purana meant for Rclka’s mother-in-law, the queen of Kanouj’, is obvi- ously intended as an apologetic explanation of the martial character of Parasurama, though brahmanad Brahmin. People lived in natural surroundings as the climate was pleasant. Strangely enough, this yuga-theory is limited to Bharata-varsa.

Hence Kane conjectures that ‘yuga’ in RV. But some additions were made later as in the case ofPramati, the so-called tenth Incarnation ofVisnu.

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And it was during that period that Radha cult flourished in that region. Indra being afraid ofthe child that would be brahmands of Siva and Uma requested Agni the omnipresent Fire-god to disturb their sexual intercourse. All these are partial transformation of the Pradhana.

Fourteen Manvantaras complete the day of god Brahma. The succinct description of the Dvapara and Kali ages.

Astadasa Puranamulu

Introduction Ixxxi Tantrism in Bd. Thus the Yuga periods with the twilight period San- dhydmSa of each Yuga is as follows: Enumeration ofDivine plants I. While Parasurama is away, Candragupta returns and in the scuffle that follows Jamadagni is killed.

This is the position of Gunas in the case ofthe Self-born deity” I.

For slaying Hiranya- Kasipu. IO Explanation of the name Nilakantha I. This is the Prdkrtacieation, a vivartaoithe Brahman teluu ed over by Ksetrajna Brahma.

But in the next chapter sage Dadhici is said to have condemned Daksa for not inviting Siva and cursed that it would not be completed ibid