Review: The Best Man by Bratty-Vamp. *Waves* Hey there everyone! Yet another newbie here, typing up my first review. I have to say, I’m. In Vain by Bratty-Vamp Red Headed Toddler To Man by Midnight Angels Say GoodNight its a .. The Best Man by Bratty Vamp COMPLETE. The Best Man by Bratty-Vamp. Review by Adnuez. Author’s Summary: Next-door neighbors home from college, reunited for two weeks of their.

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If you could jump in to any book, and live in that world, where would it be?

Or will it help to forge a new relationship between adults? Which story was the most difficult to write? Will a friendly competition strengthen childhood bonds? He had beautiful reddish brown hair with just the tiniest bit of curl.

Occasionally, if I need to pay attention to a timeline, I’ll make notes so I remember what happens when.

Previous Campfire 1 Next Campfire. Standing on the make-shift altar, best man Edward Cullen couldn’t help but chuckle. It still blows my mind how good some of them were are.


Bella and Jasper grew up together and are best friends. And the more I got involved and got to know people, the more Rhe was truly inspired to really try to write.

I was born in Washington State, but have spent most of my life in Illinois.

Covers & Stuff

Angela has brown hair, not blonde. Zip the suitcases, and let’s go. She could see it in his smile, in the way he whispered encouragement in the groom’s ear. Right now, I’m writing a baseball story. I kept hearing things about Twilight the book, and so I picked up a copy and got hooked.

Real life is enough of an adventure for me.

The Best Man

And if I “hear” a piece of a brafty between my characters happen in my head before I get to that place of the story-telling, I’ll jot it down so I can write it when I’m ready. I’m glad you like that story!

Felisha Latheef marked it as to-read Sep 10, Usually I wrote on a dare. He was just as tall, but a little more filled out.


They are stories I wrote way back in the day Bratry you for sharing these interesting details with us here BrattyVamp!

I feel like I know these people. Bella nearly tripped and gave them away. Or will it help to forge a new relationship between adults? Twific Anonymous Reviews to help feed your Twific addiction. Is MVP fully written, or still a work in process? D And woo hoo for MVP!!! She whispered in Alice’s ear. Will a friendly competition strengthen childhood bonds?

– Author Spotlight- Bratty-Vamp

Lists with This Book. Bestt I write scary? When he announced that the bride was going to sing a song to her groom, Bella knew that was it. The Best Man by Bratty-Vamp. Next-door neighbors home from college, reunited for two weeks of their summer break.

I try never to say never.