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No, create an account now. One thing you could try: Could be to do with a setting in game audio or maybe the sound card or device? They arrived yesterday my first chance today to try them out have them connected through the soundcard with SBX pro studio.

Burr Brown – datasheet pdf

You will also find some op amps better suited to loads that require fast voltage changes and others better for driving current heavy loads. Rroff would be a good person to ask if the OP wants to know more about that.

I should think so. When it comes to op amps for example, the difference are likely to be subtle, if any at all.

Dec 9, Posts: Thanks for the input I’m just starting with the audio side of things.

This site uses cookies. By the time the op bburr has been changed, so much time has passed, people are remembering what they thought the previous op amp sounded like.

Burr Brown® OPA2134 vs R4580

There are other factors as well such as some op amps use crude “boosters” to achieve high slew rates how fast the op amp can react to bbrown change in the signal voltage level which can result in a raw sound versus often people saying those with a more advanced approach sounding smoother.

I say supposedly, because it’s not like replacing headphones or speakers where the differences are much more noticeable. Oct 18, Opa134 Anyway; the PC SE, is a very good headset. Jan 24, at 9: Jan 24, at 3: I thought you might have been talking about the original PC in the OP, but as you don’t have that already, must be the SE; which is an improvement on the butr Log in or Sign up.

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Jan 26, at 8: That’s the only real area where the HyperX headsets could be better really. My bad, I meant Rroff! You must log in or sign up to reply here. The reasons for changing would be to upgrade to an op amp that was truer to the original signal or had a signature sound better suited to your tastes in music. Jan 24, at Best doing with games than music, because music will use much more of the sound spectrum, so elevating the bass will have an effect elsewhere, which could result in mucking up the sound.

May 7, Posts: Do you have them plugged into the back or the frontpanel audio socket?

Do you already have an account? There’s one thing which people hardly factor in when changing an op amp and deciding it’s better than the last one, and that’s human memory is poor when it when it comes to remember intricate sound details. Richard William Associate Joined: You’ll get headphones that have low ohm but horrendous current requirements to get any kind of decent sound out of them and vice versa like the HD series that don’t require much current but sound incredibly muddy if you don’t have enough voltage swing even when the amp has the on paper power figures to support them.

Sep 3, Posts: Jan 26, at If you are using Windows 10, then there’s built in sound EQ, which you could use to tweak the sound a bit for more lower bass.

Tried them in game first off they are good but had to use full volume the base sounded a little “weak” if that makes sense. That’s why direct AB testing exists. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The OPA isn’t a bad choice, its designed for audio, doesn’t do anything unexpected and largely produces a very accurate sound but does have the signature “burr-brown” slightly thick and lazy signature and personally I think it is a bit like a musician playing the same tune for the th time – accurate but no longer involved in the music quite the same as the first few times.


Jan 29, at 5: If this is entry level gear what does Pro level equipment sound like. Assuming the OPA was directly driving the headphone – at loud volume levels the PC only require around mW to drive them while in most audio configurations the op amp can output atleast mW.

Some people are btown that as a beginner It would be better for me to start with say the HyperX cloud II as they come with the in line DAC with pre-set 7. Jan 29, at 4: Supposedly, allows for a slightly different sound signature, or maybe an improvement, depending on what the existing one is and the one you’d replace it with.

The headphone amplifier is rated for upto ohm headphones – I’ve not looked into it but I suspect it uses another IC for the headphone driver and the Brlwn feeds into that.

Burr Brown

Many parts make up what you might call a headphone amp, op-amp is the part responsible for amplifying the signal. Yes, my butr is: Screwing up the sound in games should be much less noticeable when elevating the bass. Jan 24, at 4: That is always the problem with headphone amplifiers – I did edit the above to add in approx. I don’t know to be honest.