The Thing in the Forest has ratings and 8 reviews. Cecily said: The opening sentence demonstrates this is about being believed – or not“There were o. In A.S. Byatt’s “The Thing in the Forest” we are taken on such an adventure, but this is more than just a children’s fairytale. Through figurative. Dive deep into A. S. Byatt’s Little Black Book of Stories with extended analysis Its most disturbing fictions, “The Thing in the Forest” and “A Stone Woman,” were .

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How can we improve? Get the Teacher Edition. By refusing to let Alys accompany them, Penny and Primrose unwittingly limit the impact of meeting the Thing to just the two of them. Which brings us to the time the collection was published, It was a physical death to match the psychological death of the two surviving girls. Retrieved December 30, This entry was posted on January 27, at 2: So she travels back to the forest. Penny succumbs; Primrose does not. This is the very reason the two girls are evacuees and encounter the forest in the first place.

The Thing in the Forest by A. It seems as if the true horror of the experience was not the experience itself but the effect it tje to have had on the lives of the two girls.

LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. Feeling alone and scared, Penny and Primrose latch on to each other. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She finds evidence of the worm: After the evacuation, the girls each return to their families, which the war has altered.


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Instead, it seems to further alienate them. Two young British girls are displaced the by the Second World War and sent, with a group of other children, off to the relative safety of the countryside.

The story effectively unveiled a deeply powerful theme with the use of un elements that succeeded in captivating the heart of the context. Characters All Characters Penny Primrose. The war is the event that the girls are literally escaping, but they will spend the rest jn their lives trying to escape it figuratively, as well, as they struggle to cope with the traumatic experience of leaving their families and encountering the Thing in the forest.

Billtitonewman rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Her mother withdraws afterwards, becoming a shut-in. This tale took place during the Blitz, a dangerous time period when British cities were under attack by German warplanes that were bombing them vigorously Byatt This illustrates the ruthlessness of war. They run into each other while looking at an old book on display. It was very vorest and had what I felt was a lot of emotions under the surface.

Susan rated it it was amazing Feb 12, You are commenting using your WordPress. Small talk helps the women get reacquainted, though it does not strengthen their bond. Jeff Hobbs rated it it was ok Jul 24, I read this short story for my AP English class.

The cautious overtures of friendship. The very entity that the girls tthe escaping from, encounters them, despite their attempt to flee, in the form of the Thing.

You are commenting foreest your Facebook account. Penny and Primrose are two girls who are evacuated with a group of children to a mansion in the English countryside during World War II. This refusal also creates a unique bond between Penny and Primrose that enables Byatt to contrast the way the two confront their trauma as adults.

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Neither is married, and neither has children.

The Thing in the Forest

Furthermore, the loss of Alys because of the monster is a parallel to the loss, or corruption of, innocence caused by war. It is in the woods that they encounter what can only be described as a living horror dragging itself through the greenery, leaving a path of destruction and decay in its wake.

Their youth gets the better of them and they decide to venture into the woods a bit with a younger girl tagging along after them. The forest setting is common forrst many fairy tales because it adds to the mysticism. The country mansion that had housed the evacuees during the war has been turned into a museum. It is also important how seamlessly she weaves the past and the present.

But when they arrive they find the other children still on the lawn, continuing to play, oblivious to what the girls have just experienced. There is a sense of command in her tone, of world-making.

This trend continues as they age; Penny gets thinner while Primrose gets fatter. LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.