Marshall Cline. Greg Lomow What kind of guidance is given in the answers to these FAQs?.. 5 the first edition? .. How should runtime errors be handled in C++?. . Does delete p delete the pointer p or the referent *p?. The first edition of the C++ FAQ addressed the why of C++, using the highly effective, concise, and a to-the-point question/answer format. In this Second Edition. Marshall P. Cline C++ FAQs 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition Moderators of the on -line C++ FAQ at c++, Marshall Cline, Greg Lomow, and Mike Girou.

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Click below for Sample Chapter related to this title: Share your thoughts with other customers. When Are Pointers Needed?

These FAQs aren’t necessarily questions people have asked; rather, they are the questions people should ask. What Is an ORB?

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Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. For example, pointer arithmetic and the is-a conversion see FAQ 2. What Are the Big Three? What Is the Component Object Model?


The term remote ownership is used when an object contains a pointer to another object that the first object is responsible for deleting. It provides deeper coverage of the key points with extensive new examples.

It was a bad choice. The website outdates the book by almost 10 years now, including significant material, not just updates. Ramprasad N rated it it was amazing Jan 12, Brandon Rioja rated it it was amazing Aug 16, What’s the Difference between a Homogeneous and a Heterogeneous Container? Understanding the Management Perspective.

C++ FAQs, 2nd Edition | InformIT

What kind of guidance is given in the answers to these FAQs? Combining language features allows sophisticated designs that can simultaneously satisfy multiple technical requirements and business goals. What Is a Final Member Function?

John rated it liked it Jan 29, The examples are not intended for plug-in reuse in industrial-strength settings because balancing the resultant subtle tradeoffs would conflict with these priorities. What Are the Basics of Functions? Friend Classes and Friend Functions.


Do Inlined Functions Improve Performance? Not Enabled Word Wise: Another reason for this approach is that the language is so large that it is hard for developers to understand what is relevant and how to apply it.

What Is a Friend? If you want something you can quickly peek at while coding, this is a good title. Get a value-added service! Ghinwa Choueiter rated it really liked it Jun 11, Joakim Erdfelt rated it really liked it May 23, When Should a Function Throw an Exception? Should Circle Inherit from Ellipse? What Is an Interface?

However, there are still some questionable statements that I don’t agree with: