Dancer is a novel based on the life of Rudolf Nureyev, written by Colum McCann and published in Contents. 1 Background; 2 Plot and structure; 3 Critical. Novelist Colum McCann’s Dancer is the erotically charged story of the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev as told through the cast of those who knew him: there is. From the acclaimed author of This Side of Brightness, the epic life and times of Rudolf Nureyev, reimagined in a dazzlingly inventive masterpiece-published to.

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Another hit for Colum McCann! A disappointing read by one of my new favorite authors, Colum McCann.

In the end she finishes the novel for me. I picked this up idly from a friend’s bookcase after a night of drinking, since I love to sleep but don’t like to surrender that easily, and got through the bulk of it in one extended recumbency semester’s over, not much to do, figure I’d tack another contemporary up while I’ve got the time. The shoemaker jccann the hustler co,um the soldier and the nurse could tell their sides of the story, while Warhol and Fonteyn and even Jimi Hendrix could be included also.

Dancer Interview – Colum McCann

mccxnn The basis of the facts are there. I was, naturally, led to the biographies of Nureyev. I first became enchanted with the art form when I read a book about Vaslav Nijinski in high school.

And I feel that any book that makes you want to explore a subject more deserves 5 stars for sure. Nureyev may have been an international superstar but the specific events of his career are not common knowledge. Feb 09, Charlaralotte rated it really liked it Shelves: McCann retains his usual dander at inhabiting the heads and hearts of disparate people, from Rancer dance instructors to Venezuelan hustlers, and the story’s third-person sections display the same chilling eye for the devastating detail that he displayed in Let the Great World Spin.


I can’t take the mccanj of the earlier tableau if I am not given the happiness too. As a seven-year-old peasant boy inRudi dances for wounded soldiers in a hospital ward during World War II. That alone is an indication that the book had a big impact on me.

Even Rudy spoke for himself. Fictional story, but very closely based on his real life. Oates’s re-vision of the story of Marilyn Monroe makes imaginative leaps as daring as Dancer ; it crosses between the historic and the poetic with equal ease, but it ballasts those strategies with significantly more information.

An extract was published in the Paris Review in fall But facts are mercenary things: His dance teacher, Anna, is based on a character who taught him how to dance at age The story starts in war torn Russia, then post war Russia He was not a confessional man.

Anyone can start living an artful life if they only pick up this book. For all its flaws, Dancer is worth reading simply for those five pages and for the story of Nureyev’s fictional first ballet teacher, her husband and their daughter.

And even a writer as brilliant as Colum McCann doesn’t manage to make that leap; Nureyev himself remains curiously flat in the sections narrated from his POV. I was immediately enthralled by his life — the charm of it, the recklessness, the beauty, the ruin. He spat out everyone.

Book review: Dancer by Colum McCann | Books | The Guardian

It drove Nijinski to madness. Also there was a section of just a list of furniture that I felt didn’t add anything to the narrative. He was sort of like a rumour. This man’s life was not easy. Boyle or Homer and Langley by E.

Being Rudolf Nureyev

Unfortunately, dacer his unique abilities as a dancer is a very difficult thing to do in prose hundreds of pages of a book won’t give you nearly as good a sense of Nureyev’s capabilities as a five minute video! After awhile I really became disgusted with the graphic sexual exploits of the gay community in all the neighborhoods of NYC or any other place he might be.


Through their stories we see the restless, reckless boy grow into a ruthless artist and overbearing employer. I thought it was an extraordinary image and I began to wonder what it is about our world that allows a Russian folum to penetrate the consciousness of a working-class Dublin boy.

Colum has completed his new novel, “Let the Great World Spin. It was very much a stylistic choice; probably something to do with the grace Nureyev held on stage not matching the complete chaos mcccann his personal life. He had some inner demons of guilt and self esteem to battle. From his humble eancer poor Tatar upbringing, to when he studied at the famous Kirov in St Petersburg, to his jump to the west where he was adored by royalty and celebrities.

View all mccannn comments. Retrieved 4 January S on June 23 rd, Descriptions of the sweating collective cancer of dance training are punctuated with Nureyev’s obsessive internal checklists as he labours to perfect his technique, acquire culture and fine-tune his image.

McCann writes with some distinct, succinct, almost punchy sentences which follow each other so fluidly that the reader doesn’t really notice how easily the pages are passing.

It just took me by surprise, McCann is a master with words and he knows how to spin a story. The author also expertly lays the backdrop of Soviet Russia, along with the staggering fame, paranoia and hard-hitting party life that led Rudi down a perverse path that would eventually kill him.