DBX SL. 2-channel Compressor/Limiter Patent-pending AutoVelocity™ circuit dB of Dynamic Range High-Drive output transformer. The dbx S is a stereo compressor could not be more complete consists of a multitude of rotary pots, buttons, LEDs, and two good old. Despite being both smaller and lighter, this new compressor yields little in performance to Dbx’s flagship SL. The name Dbx is pretty much synonymous with.

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The lighted VU meter has two scales: That said some artistic applications, in my opinion it can not be regarded as regrettable as it is sometimes useful to make the finest and most sophisticated manipulations by hand. dbs

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. The careful design, combined with proper use of this feature can offer tremendous dynamic range control without sounding too “squashed” and lifelessly overprocessed. The SL doesn’t disappoint here, as I got tremendous control without excessive pumping and, 160sp now I have a new favorite.

The Auto button toggles between manual and automatic attack and release times. The lower level will not pass anything above 4, but if it is turned fully, it allows the device to release its nominal level of 30 dB, so the onboard limiter is disengaged.

dbx SL Compressor SL B&H Photo Video

The input audio signal, after going through a RFI filter, is amplified and then presented to the new dbx V8 VCA module, the “engine” behind the SLs dynamic range control. Optional AD converter board X: In sidechain mode, the compressor responds to signals coming into the sidechain return connector rather than the normal input. Also note that the symmetry of output is through Jensen transformers capable of handling elephantine tensions.


Including manual operation Overeasy triggered mode. Back Up To The Top. Getting In And Out The two-rackspace SL has two mono compressor channels mounted side by side with stereo coupling and sidechain capability.

dbx SL Stereo Compressor-Limiter

Write a user review Ask for a user review. The V8’s dynamic range is specified at greater than dB with 0. The so-called “Side Chain” feature allows to introduce in the loop detection S bike as an external equalizer, turning eg a de-esser to compet. Did you find this review helpful?

Maybe we can see a very slight tendency to “eat” a little low frequencies and boost the high frequencies. It does this without introducing harsh-sounding artifacts. There is a device on which you have to linger, test different settings and listen to the slightest deviation dB carefully and under conditions of optimal tracks. With this compressor the major risk is to take you to extreme settings where extensive experience is required under penalty of making big mistakes.

This then becomes an exercise in breathtaking style. Release time is defined as the time the compressor takes to return to original levels after the last excursion over threshold. There is also a hard-wired bypass relay for bypassing the entire unit out of your signal chain. Noise is greater than dBu unweighted 20 to 20k Hz. A short signal path is used for sidechain de-essing or ducking functions. With the converter added, there would be three simultaneous audio output streams: The second observation is its ability “to eat” decibel easily and without reproach.


dbx 160SL Blue Precision Stereo Compressor/limiter

Mix Magazine “Compression And Compressors”. Because of the unit’s transparency, I found it a favorite on vocals, backing vocals, bass synth, bass guitar, guitar and drums.

An “Auto” button, as its name suggests, makes the detection sbx and the ongoing attack and release, automatic. In contrast to “Hard Knee” mode, its action is logically less discreet, and you can easily reach the first sounds nice, but also quite fanciful and frankly little use as ridges flee everywhere.

You can hear the confident “click” of a hard-wired bypass relay with a verifying red LED when you select sidechain mode. DBX but did not stop there, also providing another command called “Stop Level.