Deadlands Reloaded: The FloodSavage Worlds Deadlands Mega-Adventure for Fantasy GroundsIn ’68 the Great Quake shattered California from top to bottom. This time I wanted to review the Deadlands Plot Point Campaign, The also in turn led to a re-launch of Deadlands as Deadlands: Reloaded. The publishers realize that most players don’t need to purchase the printed version of this book as much of the material within is intended for the Game.

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Change stun power to blast.

ProFantasy Community Forum

So, if you have any triggers, please tell me. Bullets work just fine—though a stake will do the job admirably as well!

If I submit a character, go ahead and make my Veteran draw Thanks to everyone for posting this, and it was a blast to journey dfadlands the alternate hell-cursed wasteland of the grim and dark past. The game will be better if no one is too uncomfortable to play.

How did you made them? Once he becomes Incapacitated, he makes a Vigor roll each day to avoid death; a raise on any of these deadlannds ends the curse. As someone who has run The Flood myself, I found that bringing my posse up to Legendary rank felt about right for this battle.

David Larkins July 7, at 9: Making an image look bent is actually a bit of work: If you’re interested in game, it’s currently on sale on their website, and I highly recommend kicking in the 15 bucks for the pdfs, or just the 8 bucks for the player’s guide.


A Game of Whit’s: Deadlands: The Flood – Actual Play Review

Strange stuff has been goin’ on for over a decade: If you need me somewhere, don’t hesitate to PM me. David Larkins April 7, at 9: Reckon it happens to everyone, but them gremlins done got into the first printing of Deadlands: Replace the last sentence in the second paragraph with The curse can be lifted by the original caster or use of dispel. I agree, the cliffs are really neat! I found a smaller image on the web and basically traced portions of it, enlarging it as I did so.

deadlandds Alright, so assuming you want me to make your character or at least just advise youdo you want to be a social focused character, a shooty character, a smart guy or some kind of magic user?

I like to learn new things. Check the Complete the Set bundle here: I finished listening to the Deadlands story just last night and I have to say I’m now torn between running Pendragon and Deadlands next.

I assume that changing the light source on the rail cars would be a bit easier. All for but the smallest of prices. I think I’ll manage to create it myself and let you take a look at it afterwards.

Secondly, your character has no points in voodoo. Or is Shan Fan enough of a presence to keep that above-board. I think you might have forgotten to account for the free edge all humans get.


Note to all my players and Game Masters: I’ve got everything to write up a character now. Previously, he could rely on Reloadwd troops to protect his rolling stock in the Disputed Territories, but with the cessation of hostilities, he has to hire protection, and his coffers are running low. Last edited by Clint on Wed Apr 15, 1: For each die type above d4, the time required is reduced by 30 minutes.

Deadlands Reloaded: The Flood

Of course, there are some mitigating factors that might throw off the formula. In particular, what rank is the thee encounter designed for? Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Definitely interested in this.

Last edited by Clint on Tue Apr 20, 3: The Marshal can apply an additional negative modifier if he feels what you are praying for runs contrary to the tenets of your belief. On the other, it’s Savage Worlds, not Classic Deadlanvs times are GMT As a rule, the statistics presented here are a baseline.

Jake July 7, at 5: The downside is they must be prepared ahead of time.