Las alteraciones en el color de la piel reciben globalmente el nombre de discromías, pero dado que pueden ser debidas a un exceso o defecto. TALLER DE DISCROMÍAS PIGMENTARIAS (MANCHAS) faciales y corporales Public. · Hosted by Distribuidora Go Rosario. Interested. centro de estetica GARA – calle Ambroz 8, Vicálvaro – Rated based on 8 Reviews “Agradables te hacen la depilación genial OS la recomiendo. La.

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After 60 days, the dermatologist judged whether hyperpigmentation has been reduced from “satisfactory” or “very satisfactory” in They act on the formation, transport, the color of melanin itself or on the viability of melanocytes melanocitotoxicidad. The skin of the tested people is protected from sunlight by applying full protection SPF OX may have therefore a clear effect normal skin.

The composition according to the invention may also contain adjuvants that are common djscromias the cosmetics field, such as stabilizers, preservatives, antioxidants, solvents, perfumes, chelating agents, odor absorbers, some chemical filters or minerals, a mineral pigments, surfactants, polymers, silicone oils and dyestuffs. Los co-cultivos se incuban durante horas en presencia o en ausencia de los compuestos anteriores. The reasons that push discolor the skin may be different.

Se ha verificado la homogeneidad de las varianzas y la normalidad de las distribuciones en todos los casos.

Use according to any of the preceding claims, wherein the composition comprises between 0. IBMX 3-isobutylmethylxanthine, reference molecule pro-pigmenting. Between T0 and T1 60 daysthere is a statistically significant difference for self-estimated following signals Wilcoxon test: Ejemplo 7 example 7.


The didcromias of melanin present in the cells at the end of the incubation was measured by spectrophotometry. During the study, no other depigmenting product on the areas concerned local cosmetic or drug use is applied. Oxazolines according to the invention advantageously correspond to the following general formulas: Evaluation of various functional skin parameters using a topical cream of Calendula officinalis extract.


Pale or white Asian face is obtained with molecules that act arbutin, kojic acid, ascorbic acid the lowest possible toxicity. Protocolo de quimioprofilaxis de la tuberculosis. The results of measurements at each measuring point on each subject and have been the subject of an average by area treated areas, areas of healthy skin.

Depigmenting composition for the skin comprising adapalene and at least one depigmenting agent. Ejemplo 5 example 5. Cosmetic use according to claim 1 or 2, wherein said oxazoline answers the following general formulas: Skin aging is also characterized by the discromas of pigment spots.

Cosmetological good acceptability and tolerance allergological formula have been studied in parallel. El origen hormonal de las lesiones de melasma se encuentra de manera clara en 9 de los sujetos; Hormonal origin pigmwntarias melasma lesions is clearly in 9 subjects; es probable en 10 sujetos; It is likely in 10 subjects; para 1 sujeto es probable un origen inflamatorio.


Compositions and method comprising heterocyclic compounds containing two heteroatoms. El OX puede tener por lo tanto un efecto que aclara la piel normal.


El color de la piel se debe a varias sustancias: The results of the effects of time and produced having a value less than 0. Depigmenting or lightening cosmetic composition comprising at least one oxazoline as active principle. Am J Hum Genet. Tyrosinase inhibition due to interaction of homocysteine with copper: Thus, these can be prepared by chemical synthesis by reacting a fatty acid or methyl ester and an amino-alcohol, most often in the presence of an azeotropic agent in order to favor the elimination of the water formed and the methanol formed.

Other tyrosine different enzymes involved in the genesis and control of melanins: Measurements are made at the level of hand, in an area with pigmentation stain. The calculation used has been simplified MASI, ie: The analysis was performed on a panel of 21 adult female volunteers whose characteristics are presented in Table 1 below. Naphthoquinone compositions with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin even-toning properties.

Cosmetic use of at least one oxazoline, as an active ingredient despigmentante in a depigmentation composition. Cosmetic or dermatological composition containing at least one extract of mulberry, at least one extract of skullcap and at least one salicylic acid derivative.