Gaudy Night has ratings and reviews. Meredith said: A couple of years ago I thought (as a gesture to God saying something like, “Hey, we don. 65 quotes from Gaudy Night (Lord Peter Wimsey, #12): ‘Wherever you find a great man, you will find a great mother or a great wife standing behind him While Peter is on a governmental mission, Harriet attends a reunion at Oxford and is recruited to find the author of a rash of vicious poison pen letters there.

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Miss Martin Dilys Hamlett Anyone who has been to Oxford will appreciate the detailed descriptions.

Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers – a weighty novel that still thrills

It had goddamn better mean what I think it means. Pray silence for the soloist. Dorothy Sayers had to put a satisfying end to this romance, while keeping her mystery stories sahers Also, we are both very lucky. I’m already a hefty paragraph into this review and I haven’t even mentioned the mystery aspect of this story. It is, I think, Sayers’ most feminist novel, showing women trying to carve out an existence for themselves that has nothing to do with men, and yet acknowledging that love and relationships can have a place in a woman’s life without totally destroying her true self.

Sayers is so clearly indulging herself in this book, sending up critics, reviewers, the publishing world, literary circles, and of course, academia. My friends and I actually used Gaudy Night as a punting manual. The motive is magnificently orated on by the culprit in a scene that is a striking set-piece. And it’s more gajdy proving false clues, sometimes revisiting them, but always applying sound logic.

Gaudy Night (Lord Peter Wimsey, #12) by Dorothy L. Sayers

This is a book about pain, about the heart and the mind working in opposition, about academia, about the perils of being an intelligent woman, about the perils of unthinking feminism, about mistakes, about love. It would hurt like hell. And so the voids for the “missing parts” expand for the easy fallers. Published inthis 12th novel in the Lord Peter Wimsey Series is a big story.


Did she make herself a map of Shrewsbury College? Until I lost my bookmarks and annotations, I was going to end this review with a brilliant quote about women that made me question: She agrees to go live saeyrs the college for a few weeks and see if she can solve the mystery. And the ending brought me, like many other readers, to tears.

From Mystery to Manners: The perpetrator is finally unmasked by Wimsey as one of the college servants, revealed to be the widow of corothy disgraced academic at a northern university. I think I needed the Norton edition. Episode One 13 May Worth both watching and reading. A really interesting read and, if not my favourite of the books so far, certainly among the best.

This piece of information gave me a better understanding of why she – possibly – felt the urge to create Wimsey. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. But mainly there is Peter, and the love story, and their coming together.

However, Sayers herself considered her translation of Dante’s Divina Co Dorothy Leigh Sayers was a renowned British author, translator, student of classical and modern languages, and Christian humanist. Sayers shows these aspects as momentary weaknesses, however, which are secondary to the overall trust and regard that the women show each other.

View all 15 comments. Born in she was one of the first women to be awarded with a degree from Oxford University and a feminist in her own right. She’s invited back to Oxford to visit her old college, where a mysterious prankster and writer gaudh anonymous notes sayes to have a grudge against academic women in general and Shrewsbury College in particular.


He never acknowledged the incident. In the cloistered environment of the school, there is any number of possible suspects. And this was one of the very asyers ones Desperate to avoid a possible murder in college, Harriet eventually asks her old friend Wimsey to investigate.

That moment where the physical is encapsulated within the mental or thought process flowing into unity- while looking at a brow line or the hair edging at the back of the neck which is flush from exercise. I love it when these books include both Lord Peter and Harriet Vane. However, Peter does not have such a holier-than-thou attitude, but he dotothy it difficult to convince Harriet, more so because of the subdued dorotthy of his wooing. Your suggestion will be processed as soon as possible.

Gaudy Night

Oxford, England And Harriet finds herself ensnared in a nightmare of romance and terror, with only the tiniest shreds of clues to challenge her powers of detection, and those of sayerd paramour, Lord Peter Wimsey. Gaudy Night is told almost wholly from Harriet’s point of view, and in fact Lord Peter doesn’t even appear until more than halfway through the book.

I want to read at least one Dorothy book and i found this is the most acclaimed one. Then this is the book for you