This User’s Manual describes how to use the E5EK compact, high-function digital Nevertheless, OMRON assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. E5EK-AA Omron Automation and Safety Controllers 1/8 DIN VAC Digital field config datasheet, inventory, & pricing. This product was manufactured at OMRON Okayama. OMRON Okayama has obtained approvals from international certification bodies for its quality system and.

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Set STV output to 0mV. Setting Alarm Type 3. If the communications function is required, add on the communications kmron. Also, make sure that the power supply is within the rated voltage range. On the E5EK controller, only parameters that can be used are displayed. Al- ways heed the information provided with them. F Action Must repair.

OMRON E5EK User Manual

Setting Up 2 Draw out the internal mechanism towards you holding both sides of the front panel. Set the STV output to 0 mA. Also, when the input type, temperature unit and scaling sensor range are changed, set point limiter is forcibly reset to the scaling sensor range.

How- ever, note that terminal Nos. In other words, heating and cooling control is carried out when con- trol output cool is assigned, and standard control is carried out ommron output is not assigned.

Omron E5EK-AA2 AC/DC24 Temperature Controller – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

There is no order of prior- ity in key operations. Page Adjusting Control Operation. If you select the desired mode using the Be sure to turn on the power supply to the load either before or simultaneously with the start of Temperature Controller opera- tion.


E5sk this end code to remedy errors that may occur. F Do not cover the area around the E5EK. Chapters Table Of Contents Setting Output Specifications Error 3; RSP input error E5eo control output coolthe conditions for switching from standard control to heating and cooling control are reached when the output function is assigned at the cooling side during heating and cooling control.

Page APPENDIX F Startup Conditions of DT 1 DT will start if the temperature that has been stable varies due to external disturbance and the deflection of the temperature exceeds the stable range, and then the omrno becomes stable, pro- vided that the number of maximum temperature values is less than four. However, if the E5EK controller must be calibrated by the user, use the parameters provided for user omrpn calibrate temperature input, analog input voltage, current and transfer output.

Control output cool2: Press key to return the display to [ F Calibration: For details on the ratings of the output unit, see page Specifications Assign these output functions to control output 1, control output 2, auxiliary output 1, and auxiliary output 2.

Page Stable range Set to Page 84 PID control, standard con- trol or heating and cooling control. Page The display changes to [ ] 0mA calibration display. However, note that the settings of protected parameters are still valid, and are not displayed regardless of the conditions of use. The E5EK controller is calibrated before shipment from the factory.


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Page level 2 mode. Assign these output functions to control output 1, control output 2, auxiliary output 1, and auxiliary output 2. In this mode, e5e, can set the communications conditions, transfer output and event input parameters to match the type of option unit set in the controller. Page 39 setup mode.

Failure to heed precautions can result in inju- ry to people or damage to the product. However, note that when the set point limiter is reset, the set point is forcibly changed to the upper-or lower-limit value of the set point e5e, if the set point is out of the limiter range.

However, note that these parameters can not be set when the mul- ti-SP function is not selected. Command Configuration The start character. The display changes to [ ] 5 V calibration display. When a potentiometer is not connected to the controller, [] is dis- played on the No. Dead time omrin be measured from the time the Temperature Controller starts operating.