fue publicar Las ciento veinte jornadas de Sodoma y Gomorra del Marques de de Sade’s The One Hundred and Twenty Days of Sodom and Gomorra ). he read a copy of the novel [El mundo alucinanie] and where he thought that I. Dias De Sodoma Y Gomorra De Marquez De Sade. 1 like. Book. MARQUIS DE SADE • DAYS OF SODOM • DIGITIZATION BY SUPERVERT . everything of the lewdest invented in Sodom and Gomorrah was executed.

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I have to say that when I say this book was an amazing read, I am attempting to indicate that I was amazed in the real sense of the word – I was astounded by the gravity of the text I was engulfed in; darkly enthralled by the sheer disgust I felt.

Es una pelicula sobrevalorada que no ha soportado bien el paso del tiempo.

Sade wrote this novel in his cell in the Bastille, where he had been imprisoned for his immoral behaviour. The rich are the only people who have the time and the means and the imagination for these kinds of perversions, that marqkes fact the free time and great wealth enables their imaginations.

I would like to thank de Sade for giving me four villains by which all other fictional villains I encounter will be compared. These passions are separated into four categories — simple, complex, criminal, and murderous — escalating in complexity and savagery.

I initially thought it gomorrw a satire of some sort, but then realized, after looking into de Sade’s other work, this couldn’t be the case.


When people read this book and say they really enjoyed it, um. When a young girl runs out of the castle, the Duc comforts the girl, but then escorts her back inside. How I reproach myself for the tributes I stole from you!

Salò, or the Days of Sodom () – IMDb

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was aware those desperate crowds were being used as cannon fodder by a sinister, greedy bourgeoisie waiting behind the barricades. Of course I didn’t like it. Zelmire is an exceptionally beautiful name. Quotes [ first lines ] [ four men, sitting at a table, each sign a booklet ] The Duke: The Duke orders the guards and studs to undress her.

Retrieved 8 October Desperately in need of a little blue pill.

This book taught me that I am still capable of being offended. View all 51 comments. Erotic fictionphilosophical literature. In h projects Wikimedia Commons.

The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural. The shadow of the pot-bellied man looms ever sase, and between his legs dangles a most flaccid and unimpressive cock.

The 120 Days of Sodom

Permit me to give you a brief overview of those reasons that is by no means comprehensive: Retrieved 4 April The rest of the complex and all of the criminal and murderous are not in full prose, but only note form. Parents might wish to discuss with their children how views on race have changed before allowing them to read this classic work. But the rest of his work is just a clusterfuck of coprophagia, marquew, homocide, incest, sodomy, torture, sacriligion, disembowling, rape, orgies, spilled seed and horribleness.


This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat It’s like a Saw series from the s, but with violence AND sex, which makes it all the worse in my opinion. Inspecial permission was granted for the film to be screened uncut at a film festival.

The four le characters are incredibly wealthy men, who are libertine, ruthless, and “lawless and without religion, whom crime amused, and whose only interest lay in his passions When one of the victims, Lamberto, refuses, the Magistrate whips him and tortures the President’s daughter by tricking her into eating food containing nails.

Salò, or the Days of Sodom – Wikipedia

Jul 09, Mizuki rated it really liked it. This makes it one of, if not the most, valuable DVDs in the world.

Anyone and everyone who isn’t easily shocked and a good deal of those who are. Por motivos politicos se dijo jajaja y un cuerno.

During this, the Magistrate engages with the Duke in three-way intercourse.

Male Victim Bruno Musso Published June 23rd by Wilder Publications first published Paso de estas pelis aberrantes. Italy [2] France [2]. Pasolini on the film’s depiction of sex, Or at times, playing with the ‘role’ of power and it plays in a sexual context.