The Fish! Philosophy (styled FISH! Philosophy), modeled after the Pike Place Fish Market, is a technique to make happy individuals alert and active in the workplace. John Christensen created this philosophy in to improve ” organizational by Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen was written. Fish! Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul y John Christensen. Fish ¬° La eficacia de un equipo radica en su capacidad de motivaci√≥n. Digitalizador: Juanjo. Editado. By Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., Harry Paul and John Christensen FISH! is about rediscovering the amazing power that is inside each of us to make a positive.

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I guess what I’m getting at is the corporate world is full of misanthropes.

Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results by Stephen C. Lundin

All in all, the book was a little cheesy and I don’t think it will change my life, but stelhen was worth the little bit of time it took me to read. It seems like it might take more than just introducing the concept of Fish and these principles.

They also sold a lot of fish. After all, it’s just a damn parable. Oct 01, Ron rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Not once did they explore what made Suckiest book ever! By applying ingeniously simple lessons learned from the actual Pike Place fishmongers, our manager learns how to energize those who report to her and effect an astonishing transformation in her workplace.


In his pakl Organization Theory: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Fish or cut bait. Th I got called in as a temp today, and inbetween breaks of answering phones, I noticed this book sitting in the office and I picked it up and read it. Mary got so inspired by one of the fishmongers that she decided to marry him.

Fish! Philosophy – Wikipedia

What I just told you about the fish market hijinks pretty much constitutes the philosophy. It was the classic corporate mumbo jumbo. Given that this is round three, the kundin may seem a little repetitive to those who have already Fish! It goes against the grain, doesn’t it?

It did not grab my attention. Learn to enjoy it, or else. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. See all reviews. Many of my clients only get out of the stepjen when I come to pick them up, I want them to be happy about being out and about. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Otras ediciones – Ver todo Fish!: He lives in San Diego.

Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

So, when I saw this hardbound book – pristine, clean and crispy – being sold for only P75, I bought it right away. As someone who works directly with the clients, I always try to make their day.


That describes what he and his employees actually did to make themselves the way that these other Fish books seem to just report on as a third party. Lundin, John Christensen and Harry Paul present a business parable based on creating and sustaining successful change.

Accommodating the people they work with that they don’t like.

Fish! Philosophy

Doing the tasks no-one relishes. When you create the scenario you guarantee success for the avatars of your chosen methods. I know it is a matter of perspective certainly, but I think a one star rating is missing the point of this book This book aims to tell the reader how this can be possible and Harru am stopping here so as not to spoil your fun.

Shit or get off the pot.

Always be “present” while listening to problems of customers, friends or family members. It’s a sugar pill meant jon push about a page-worth of data down the throat of lower level management. Check the name and profiles of the 3 authors: Retrieved from ” https: This is a gross misunderstanding of the reality in our society and in our work environment.