InshAllah, our Urdu book, the translation of from Indus to Oxus — Darya e Sind sey Darya e Amo Tak is now almost ready, alhamdolillah! We shall give. Buy From Indus to Oxus By Zaid hamid 1st by Zaid Hamid (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Free Urdu Pdf Books | Best SmartPhones | Android Reviews | APK’s. Free Urdu Novels, Free APK FROM INDUS TO OXUS BY ZAID HAMID.

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You can visit our office directly in Pindi and by them OR give us a call at ,7.

Read and hear Qur’an online Read and hear Qur’an recitation online High quality recitations of the Quran. Join our voluteer team.

Join our voluteer team. You cannot know about Pakistan if you have not read the vision, mission, emotions and aspirations of our founding fathers.

You can visit our office directly in Pindi and by them. Or you can email me directly at syedzaidzamanhamid gmail. Not to be confused with Zahid Hamid.

Follow this blog by Email. The book is published by the largest, most reputable and oldest publisher of Pakistan and there are no issues in its export or sending it outside Pakistan.


This is your moment to contribute to the mission! Hard bound, packed in a beautiful box with colored pages with hundreds of fascinating pictures, these memoirs will take you back in time with the Afghan Mujahideen in the romantic era when history was being urd in the melting pot of Afghan JIhad. Is’nt this strange that while Supreme Court refuses to form commission to probe suicide of Akbar Bugti, uru forms the commission to p From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The terrorists of Lal Masjid, media propaganda and Army Operation!

May Allah bless Ummat e Rasul sm and accept this humble gift as our contribution for the glory of the Ummah and defense of Pak Sarzameen. Our much awaited Memoirs of Afghan Jihad are now published and available!

You can order the book online now. Who killed Akbar Bugti? Retrieved 31 March Missing persons of Baluchistan – looking beyond obvious Media would never tell these facts to the nation. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Road to Ghazwa e Hind frim The real possibility and scenario of a major nuclear war between Pakistan and India involving all major civilization As commonly believed in Pakistan, it has now been confirmed that India played a pro-active role in causing discontent in former East Pakistan, resulting in its cessation from rest of the country.


Zaid Hamid

MashAllah, Mubarak — the moment has arrived!! The Debate with Zaid Hamid. They will get it from Ferozsons. Views Read Edit View history.

Here, BrassTacks once again destroy the enemy propaganda. The sale price of this epic is Rs: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. These memoirs will not be posted online. Archived from the original on 16 October Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

BrassTacks – Zaid Hamid’s Private Security and threat analysis Think Tank

Paracha 11 August Tumblr Online Users Counter. If you do not have Ferozsons outlets in your cities, contact your nearest bookstore. Who are the Khawarij in Pakistan? ZH’s Memoirs in Urdu. We can dispatch anywhere within Pakistan inshAllah. High quality recitations of the Quran.