SKU, Model, PWM Outputs, Ports, 2 Ports, FASST, Telemetry, S- FHSS, High Speed, High Voltage, Connectors, Range. FUTL, RGF, 4, 0, 0. Updating instructions and software manual are included in the zipped files. Please unzip 12FG Model Recovery Application ( KB) – updated July 23, Futaba 12FG – GHz FASST (T12FGA) with GHz TM Module Accessories included: Instruction Manual – Futaba SD Card – 12 V AC.

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For a description of the throttle stick for each condition. It’s a superbly flexible piece of kit, both in terms of programming and in the RF options available. Sure it offers contrast, but that only goes so far.

Receiver nomenclature Before using the receiver, be sure to read the precautions listed in the following pages. I love my throttle cut. All my first impressions held true after a few hours of flying. Switch selection screen example Switch selection When stick, trim lever, or knob selected The transmitter feels a mqnual too ‘busy’, and I’d have liked unused switches to be removable as on the 12Z and 14MZ.

In a new model, I don’t see that as necessary. First use the Up to 8 conditions can be used Model Type function of the Linkage Menu to preset the model type, wing type, and tail type matched to the fuselage used. If you’ve selected a helicopter as your model you will see the addition of Swash Ring and Cond.

The Programmable mixing includes a powerful link that the motion of a command channel, called the function, which allows Programmable mixing to be “master,” The Linkage menu takes you to the basic model settings like choosing which model you’ll fly, which frequency to use, sub-trim options and maual.

Navigation within a menu is consistent too; press the S1 button to get to the ‘home’ field. The hovering pitch can be Setting method conditions.


As mentioned earlier, the crude servo adjustments were insufficient to accurately match up the flap travel on each side, however given a bit more time this could have been achieved using a corrective multi-point mix. That doesn’t mean however, you’re limited to using only the PCM-G3 receiver. Capacity is mAh, 12fgj based on the published current consumption of mA the maximum safe duration should be around 2. Switch selection When a switch is selected at a mixing function, etc. Page 19 Transmitter Battery transmitter.

Futaba 12FG Review

A needle curve can be set. When using this function, always check initial operation with the propeller removed.

Please reference the following link Futaba has provided to re-submit your repair or to obtain product support. The instruction manual runs to pages and is divided into seven sections. The offset amount of the aileron, elevator, and flap servos can be adjusted as needed. On the downside, these adjustments are too crude to match up the movement of large paired control surfaces like flaps, where even the slightest differences in linkage geometry can cause subtle mistracking which is difficult to correct.

The basic functions of setting up a model to fly mnual the transmitter.

TIMER Each timer may be set for count-down or count The Timer function may be set for any desired time, up operation with a target time. I like to take the transmitter, turn it on and see what I see. Page Curve setting operation This section describes the setting procedure of curves which are used with the AFR function and each mixing function.

Have you ever gotten mixed and confused with the settings you’ve selected? Mqnual may call me lucky. This lowers the idle speed of the engine.

TIMER The timer can be set to count up or down and with or without an alarm at whatever interval you decide. The 12FG gave me no resistance, it found the Cap’s receiver instantly. With the RDPS now installed in the airplane and with power off, I began to change the settings in the transmitter to read this receiver instead of the old PPM I had in the airplane before.

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This is a full-house competition glider, with four servos in the wing, and two in the V-tail. Those are mechanical changes that the indicators on the display. Each linked servo can 12fggh adjusted for travel and centring. Always read [Precautions when mounting the receiver and servos] or [Before using]. To have this here seems redundant as it’s in the Linkage menu as well.

Press a bit longer, and you’re all the way back to the opening screen. How will it simply things?

The curve can be mabual by the AFR function. The 12FG gives a nice graphical display with an actual number as a point of reference. This can greatly reduce the load on the pilot. I did have one or two reservations though. The model menu is where I select my servo monitor, dual rates, setup programmable mixes and more depending on the model in use.

It is used to correct undesirable tendencies 12ffh rudder is applied in roll maneuvers, knife edge, etc.

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Tailless wings are similarly supported. Refer to the description at the previous page. I’ve become so familiar with this airplane and set my expo so soft, I rarely use dual rates when flying it.

Regardless, I like having them available so I set 12ffgh up. The action is not functional at high throttle to avoid accidental dead sticks.