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But all this while, I felt good.

[2012] IMS Simcat 9:Scores & Discussions

Mock CATs started and I as usual started with a bang. Had my dinner at 9 pm and sat down to work around 10 pm, and slogged till 3 am or 4 sm in the morning.

Start with the section in which I was good VA. Ankita, call me tomorrow at to discuss your DILR problem. Simdat urge you to please look into this im urgently.

Also, [1] stands out because it has a negative connotation, while the rest have a positive connotation. Sir, regarding the number of attempts mentioned in the article, are they enough to feel safe about clearing the cut offs? And with it began the stories of a disaster that was to be discussed, remembered and torn apart for a long time to come.

The best part about studying for CAT was that I loved doing it. If only I had managed two more questions in VA! Since the topic is only about high dimensional geometry, it introduces a new element of im and is not an effective concluding sentence. Then Amit can complete the programme by Saturday.

Abhi, the interview shortlist is common for both the campus. Made an attempt of 64 questions It was so much fun to take a mock and post your scores and analysis; and the interaction was of high quality. The IIM fire still burnt. So I joined T.


There are some things you can do, and some things you just cannot. Aarav on November 11, at Despite simcatt the success that they have had there are still a few barriers to be overcome.

The person who ins in the Deluxe room is from Mumbai. Still no sign of CAT results. Is it the right strategy? Hence [3], out of the c? Inquiring minds had to await data from the Moon rocks – more than pc samples from six Apollo landing sites. An artificial intelligence Al created by human beings can be far less human-like in its motivations than a green scaly space alien.

How does state terrorism differ from insurgent terrorism? During this wimcat I made optimum use of the Excel sheet that I had compiled.


Sir m gettng 86 to 91 prcentile in ims simcat. Still it had not occurred to me that in order to ace the CAT, you needed a plan and had to work hard to execute it. In fit of rage I booked another date June 6, but again there was no plan in place. Never ever get demotivated by low percentiles or by anyone’s comments! His work has come a long way since the quiz program ximcat Quizky which 201 a cloud based online test assessment tool.

Contact Info Login to View. Ahmedabad declared its result along with the CAT result. All it takes is just 2 months. Then came the summer vacation. Then it dawned on me that decision making was something that I enjoyed, and CAT gave me an opportunity to get there. It can be checked that Shirish can complete the course 201 Sunday only if he goes for Stats 1 on Monday. Only one person stayed in the Deluxe room while two persons each stayed in the Standard and in tr X Luxury rooms.

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Jms realized that I need that ONE success which will bring out the best in me to everybody. I had about 2 minutes to check my result before the servers crashed. Srv on November 24, at 3: So don’t think before its too late!!! Sridhar, whenever the sections are combined there is only a sectional cutoff so theoretically you can get a call from IIFT without attempting DI if the QA and DI sections are combined, however it will be prudent to not leave DI completely and get at least marks.

But overall, decent papers. But since the verbal section was the weakest link of the chain for me, I spent a considerable amount of time on that section and did almost 40 questions. If the match between Chile and Mexico drew with the score ofthen what should be the score of the match between Bolivia and Ecuador? The state can mask its terrorism with a cloak of legitimacy, while insurgents kms. So [i] and [iv] are not acts of violence.

All living humans have many mental disorders, mostly minor but some major, and these include not just classic psychiatric disorders like depression and schizophrenia but also diverse forms of stupidity, irrationality, immorality, impulsiveness and alienation.

What was that and what exactly was CAT? For a change, I had a nice set of dedicated friends in Bangalore. Google and Microsoft were iims dream companies.