In June , journalist Pico Iyer wrote an essay in praise of the humble comma for Time magazine that for the first time made punctuation. Jennifer Rienzo ~ COMM ~ Online ActivityCritical Analysis of Pico Iyer s In Praise of the Humble Comma 1. Identify the thesis of Iyer s essay. Pico Iyer is giving punctuation more credit. Nobody realizes how important these simple marks actually are. Iyer says, “Punctuations are like.

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Copyright — Keira Soleore keirasoleore. Punctuation, in fact, is a labor of love. Which brings us back, in a way, to gods. A run-on sentence, its phrases piling up without division, is as unsightly as a sink piled high with dirty dishes.

Essay: In Praise of the Humble Comma

By establishing the relations between words, punctuation establishes the relations between the people using words. Not using iyee comma can give rise to ambiguity. The author never gives a formal definition of the comma. When I wrote my little essay about the comma 26 years ago, I was really writing about love.

Punctuation, one is taught, has a point: Labels anecdote 10 article 5 assignment 1 books 7 class experience 2 courses 2 education 3 feelings 4 festivals 2 g 1 general interest 94 history 1 homework 1 lenguayexpresionescrita isdf reading writing 9 listening 1 literature 2 movie 25 news 18 novel 27 opinion 16 play 2 poem 15 reading 13 recipe 3 review 1 short story 49 song 11 teacher training 8 teacher’s resources 7 technology 1 theatre 1 TV 1 tv programme 1 writing 1.

As a reader I felt invited to read it from the very first line. And taking all pauses and hesitations — not to mention — barriers out of our language would be like taking the net away from a tennis-game.

And in making sentences, the more commas we omit, the more we often end up huumble a state of unwanted ambiguity. Add it to the present clause, and, of a sudden, the mind is, quite literally, given pause to ov take it out if you wish or forget it and the mind is deprived of a resting place. It is a martial music. Every child knows the menace of a dropped apostrophe the parent’s ‘Don’t do that’ shifting into the more slowly enunciated ‘Do not do that’and every believer, the ignominy of having his faith reduced to ‘faith’.


The gods, they say, give breath, and they take it away.

Why we need the comma more than ever before…

We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. And taking the time to punctuate where it is necessary, though it may seem a harsh job, it is the way to highlight a text as a whole.

The comma can turn an attack into a caress and a lecture into a mere statement of possibility. Wednesday, February 16, at 2: Punctuation is the notation yier the sheet music of our words, telling us when to rest, or when to raise our voices; it acknowledges that the meaning of our.

Punctuation is the way one bats one’s eyes, lowers one’s voice or blushes demurely. A period has the unblinking finality of a red light; the comma is a flashing yellow light that asks us only to slow down; and the semicolon is a stop sign that tells us to ease gradually to a halt, before gradually starting up again.

View comments Post a comment. In tiny markers lie ckmma hugest differences.

Add an exclamation point to ‘To be or not to be Fowler, King of English Usage. I would highly recommend reading commaa essay. Yet it gives the description a spin, as well as a subtlety, that it otherwise lacks, and it shows that the glasses are not part of the middle-agedness, comam something else.

Punctuation adjusts the tone and color and volume till the feeling comes into perfect focus: I find Pico Iyer’s essay quite humorous and full of irony. A comma, he must have known, “separates inseparables,” in the clinching words of Commx.

Edwardian 1 Humor 46 Leisure 6 Leisure: Cummings first felt free to commit “God” to the lower case. Popular Tags bjp pakistan aap demonetisation arun-jaitley arvind-kejriwal narendra-modi corruption supreme-court gst china gdp rbi featuredet delhi rahul-gandhi featured india bollywood donald-trump cricket congress us modi economy.


The difference between “Jane whom I adore ” and “Jane, whom I adore,” and the difference between them both iyre “Jane — whom I adore — ” marks all the distance between ecstasy and heartache.

The anarchy and commotion of the ’60s were given voice in the exploding exclamation marks, riotous capital letters and Day-Glo italics of Tom Wolfe’s spray-paint prose; and in Communist societies, where the State is absolute, the dignity — and divinity — of capital letters is reserved for Ministries, Sub-Committees and Secretariats. RWA Con oico 12 Business: Yet what is so often used, and so rarely recalled, as tbe comma — unless it be breath itself?

Just who’s Pico Iyer?

What do you think? However, in prose, Iyer brilliantly makes the very point of using punctuation even as he’s giving ideas praiss how the marks can be used. Refresh If you already turned off the Ad Blocker. Anonymous 13 March at Besides he states that life without punctuation could be chaotic and to exemplify this idea he makes a connection with Victorian Age strict rules and corsets that hymble Modernists got rid of.

Oh, yes, and National Punctuation Day is September Naipaul, in his latest novel, writes, “He was a middle-aged man, with glasses,” the first comma can seem a little precious.

Why we need the comma more than ever before…

Like the humble comma. La minka de Tilcara” Did you know…? Anonymous 10 October at Yes, fashions change and, yes, people differ radically in how much they want to use the comma.