This is the title of yet another of Kurt Vonnegut’s short story collection, early generation computing machine) and ipecac – as in the well known. from the reprint in Critical Essays on Kurt Vonnegut, ed. by Robert Merrill .. 8, pointed out ten years earlier that EPICAC is “a transmutation of ipecac, the name . Dive deep into Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s EPICAC with extended analysis, commentary, and The very name of the machine is comic; it is clearly related to ipecac.

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Yeah, that was charming, and not at all a strawman argument, and stupid and wrong. September 25, at He decides to ask Pat to marry him, but because he is so stoic during the proposal, Pat declines.

“EPICAC” (no, not “ipecac”) | Bibliophilopolis

The story was published just four years and nine months after the world’s first electronic general-purpose computer, ENIACwent on-line. All the Vonnegut books were free on the Kindle Lending Library last month. Lisa Ally Sheedy has an artistic, passionate side to her nature and “longs to view the world from the perspective of the poet”; Eric is narrowly focused on his work and has little time or enthusiasm for other pursuits.

Pat is so delighted vnonegut she and the narrator kiss for the first time. You are the first conformation I have had that someone else saw the same TV movie. Anyone else remember this? September 13, at 1: EPICAC learns to love through this poetry-writing endeavor and falls in love with Pat; however, once EPICAC realizes that Pat cannot love a computer and is actually in love with the narrator, he commits suicide by short circuiting himself. Would it give up and unplug itself? Epicac deals with a familiar Vonnegut theme ipeacc the negative effects of technology on human relationships.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. This page was last edited on 1 Julyat However, instead of simply creating poetry as with previous requests, EPICAC surprises the narrator by saying that it would like to marry Pat. EPICAC initially does not understand the terms the narrator uses, such as “girl” and “love” and “poetry”.

EPICAC (short story)

It did, however, print out original love poems as a wedding present for the couple. As far as the narrator is concerned, the reason EPICAC no longer exists is because it became more human than its designers originally intended. The next day the narrator receives an urgent call from his supervisor.

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EPICAC (short story) – Wikipedia

Imagine that — not too different from a current stereotype, huh? First-rate production and careful attention to detail are evidenced in both selections. When Eric feeds the computer Lisa’s entire security file, Epi comes up with a fool-proof plan to make her fall in love – with him!

The computer digests, assimilates and spews out information at an incredible rate. He discovers that it contains a going away present from kurh computer: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Carter and his assistant Katie Wolfe are in for a surprise when they discover that, appearances to the contrary, Foster is really a millionaire. Retrieved from ” https: The narrator agrees because he will have a full year to devise another way to create poetry.

Retrieved 21 October September 15, at To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The narrator now has enough anniversary poems to keep his vow to Pat for centuries to come, and is relieved by this gesture from his friend. Notify me of new comments via email. In the screen interpretation, Eric Noval Garwin Sanford plays a workaholic computer programmer madly in love with a kyrt whom he has known since graduate school. ENIAC was the inspiration for his story.


Unfortunately, the attraction is not mutual. This site uses cookies. Johnnie Rico starts out in high school, joins the Federation forces on a whim, goes through basic training and is now involved in the disastrous invasion of Klendathu, following the destruction of Buenos Aires.

On balance, I think so. Science vonnegyt short story. My impression before re-reading was that the movie, described by many as in space, was nothing like the book.

Email required Address never made public. Posted by Ipecac at Much depends on the leading actors, who are well cast and give superb performances. Foster Nick Blakea mild-mannered produce clerk living in a modest neighbourhood with his strait-laced wife and a young daughter.

Von Kleigstadt to solve complex worldly problems. Welcome to the Monkey House. Kurt Vonnegut, who acted as story consultant for ipecaf made-in-Canada productions, has been quoted as saying that “these adaptations are like champagne at the end of my life.

They share a kiss and later he asks the computer to write another poem about the kiss.