The ShenHe Wang permanent magnet motor-generator The Motionless Generator of Theodore Annis A Practical Guide to ‘. The Karl Schappeller Device – Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices. free. Views. 6 years ago. Karl, · Schappeller, · Device, · Practical. Schappeller made no secret of his invention and actively sought private financing that Karl Schappeller actually met with SS Reichsfueher Heinrich Himmler in.

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For purposes of production of Schappeller spheres, a complete electret manufacturing plant would have to be set up which had no parallel in present science 9. Electrisation, as opposed to mere electrification, is really therefore the electrification of the whole bound stressfield of the dielectric in question.

As we know, Adolf Hitler assumed power three years later and was also very interested in making Germany independent of foreign sources of energy for strategic reasons. Thus, a planet karll shield from this radiation in one direction.

It is sometimes argued that this energy is really the result of aether rather than aether itself and that aether really is matter. Newton described the effects of gravity but he never told us exactly what it was. Al lour devices of schappellet ultimately measure heat in some form.

This is no surprise for most of us and it is not the real concern here.

Karl Schappeller – Free-Energy Devices

These are laws of heat. There is a space between the two bar magnets at the very center of the sphere.

The secret for the transmission of power on a large scale over considerable distances lies in the rhythmical stimulation of the Ether membrane, of like kind, rather than a disturbance produced by an entirely artificial propagation of what, at present, is termed “wave formation”. In view of the evidence given of the Electret, there appears to be little reason to doubt that he can produce this in special forms to suit the innumerable conditions demanded in he application of his New Technique.


The actual levitation might be the particular electromagnetic radiation coming out of the sphere. There is no doubt that if we could, for instance, place a thermometer in a glass of water in deep space, the temperature recorded would be at or very near absolute zero, 0 Kelvin or degrees Centigrade or degrees Fahrenheit. Likewise, in the case of the Stator and Rotor, the Rotor being energized entirely — both qualitatively and quantitatively — by the Stator, rotary motion is imparted and maintained in the Rotor provided always that directional pull has been given, and here it is also sustained, i.


Once again we have the crossing of the two stressfields, the cohesive force of the dielectric, but this time with an electric field, aided by heat stress.

Referring now to the Force Diagramthe dot and dash line XX represents the center line in a horizontal plane of the Sphere of the Stator through the journals and trunnion. We must remember that this is not “steel magnetism”, but magnetism from a glowing core in the primary state, for which the laws of magnetism will be modified. Employment of levitation makes the craft buoyant.

There are the two poles and the neutral zone between the poles If we cut the magnet in half we get two new poles. With increasing heat its molecules move faster and faster in random chaos as a bomb does when it explodes. All energy is radiant energy, according to this theory. We have seen that the numerous so-called “effects” in Physics owe their origin to the crossing of two stressfields, e. Kalr so, but this is merely an additive process, not a basic law; the separate candle flames are in no way essential components of the whole.

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As a phenomenon of primary physics, it is responsible for and can schapprller heat, electricity and magnetism. The engine, transmission, paint, rubber, electronics, etc.

Karl Schappeller – Free-Energy Devices – PDF Drive

An experimental physicist once declared that he had nothing to do with the “crossing of stressfields”. It moves the craft directionally. Zone of Austria and ensuring the implementation of the Trustee Agreement. Using this perspective, that all energy is radiation, the braking of aether radiation, that is the slowing down or stopping of this radiation, can cause or generate other forms of energy.

This is exactly the opposite of the organization and energy used to put the car together. It means “earthing” the Stator. All we have to do to make a UFO is kark find this particular gravity frequency and find out how to generate it. The answer is that the effects we feel and call gravity are due to gravity shielding. We know now that particles moving near the speed of light are measured as waves, that is energy, rather than as matter.

Being in deep space is a little like being underwater. What is of concern is the Second Law of Thermodynamics which discusses heat and entropy.

This is a cold, life giving force. This is a Reverse Thermodynamic machine. Increasing heat means increasing randomness and chaos which is entropy. The Michelson-Morley experiment assumed schappwller was matter.