Electromagnetic flow converter for combination with OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX flow sensors. KROHNE 03/ – – TD IFC R05 en. The documentation is only complete when used in combination with the relevant documentation for the . 2. The high-performance solution. IFC is the only electromagnetic flow converter with 3 x diagnostics of instrument, application and .

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Electromagnetic flowmeters – IFC 300 Signal converter

The device has been operated krohbe the following medium: Or the demanded pulse rate is too high. Upon activation, the LED 3 lights up and the optical keys no longer function. These include repair, technical support and training.

Description Of The Electrical Symbols The factory krihne for the operating data have been made in accordance with your order specifications. English, German, Chinese Russia: Be sure kkrohne to damage the stranded drain wire 1. Make sure not to damage the stranded drain wires 1, 6, 20, Answer queries in dialogue mode, follow directions. F open circuit B F open circuit C www. For further information refer to Mounting plate, wall-mounted housing on page B Only available when configuring the A or D terminal and only if output B is a pulse or frequency output.

This regulation only applies to spare parts which are subject to wear and tear under normal operating conditions. There is also the risk of krkhne damaging the device or parts of the operator’s plant.


Any work done on the electrical components of the measuring device may only be carried out by properly trained specialists.

KROHNE Ifc ALTOMETER Electromagnetic Flowmeter Signal Converter B | eBay

Activation takes place only after setting mode is exited! The counter has stopped. Measured values are possibly simulated values or values with fixed settings. Measured values are still supplied, but they are always too low. Pipe mounting of the field housing 1 Fix the signal converter to the pipe. F field frequency too high Field frequency is not reaching steady state, a measured flow value is still being supplied but may have errors.

This warning refers to the immediate danger when using this device in a hazardous atmosphere. Current output passive Ip 84 www. To do this, unscrew the cover of the electronics compartment and remove the two metal krohbe to the left and right of the display using a screwdriver or similar tool.

F empty pipe 1 or 2 measuring electrodes are not in 30 with the medium; measured value is set to zero. Availability Of Services Superior process reliability thanks to standard integrated diagnostics: Website Content Vissers Sales Corp.

Select diagnosis value for testing the various analogue outputs.

Signal Cable B type BtsConstruction Items Included With Supply Re-fit the cover and tighten it by hand. Display When Rkohne Parameters, 4 Lines Make sure not to damage the stranded drain wires 1, 20, There is an additional bush for the interface cable. There should be no difference in potential between the measuring sensor and the housing or protective earth of the signal converter!

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After that the device immediately begins measuring, and the current values are displayed. Connection signal cable A and field current cable 1 Signal cable A 2 Shield and insulated wires 2 and 3 3 Field current cable Figure Also See for ifc Handbook – pages.

KROHNE Group – Complete News

The flow velocity and volume can be read from the display or in analogue form via the current output Settings Set in increments of 0. This also connects the outer shield to the housing. All-round signal converter matches almost any application requirement Reliable measurements with extensive diagnostics of device and application Wide range of communication options including PROFINET The IFC is a very complete signal converter, featuring a wide range of variants and options to match almost any application requirements in process industries.

Connect the shielding at both sides of the cable via the special cable gland. Pull a shrinkable tube over the prepared cable. Disposal must be carried out in accordance with legislation applicable in your country.