Anestesiologia Veterinaria – Farmacologia E Tecnic (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Massone Flavio at – ISBN – ISBN Anestesiologia Veterinaria. Farmacologia E Tecnica (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Flavio Massone at – ISBN – ISBN Anestesiologia Veterinária: Farmacologia E Técnicas: Texto E Atlas Colorido (6a. Ed.). Front Cover. Flavio Massone. Grupo Gen – Guanabara Koogan,

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Anatomy of Domestic and Wild Animals.

Gene Ontology GO Terms. Parametric evaluation of methotrimeprazine-midazolam-ketamine and methotrimeprazine-midazolam-ketamine-xylazine combination in dogs more.

The routine parametric evaluations has been proceeded, although using the thermo algimetry measured in degrees C with the average of 52 degrees C and the pressoric algimetry in Kg. Hemodynamics and bispectral index BIS of dogs anesthetized with midazolam and ketamine associated with medetomidine or dexmedetomidine and submitted to ovariohysterectomy more. Echocardiographic and electrocardiographic examination of clinically healthy, conscious ferrets.

In this study, 30 dogs were used and, divided into three groups of 10 animals each, in which the animals of GI received methotrimeprazine and midazolam put on the same syringe with ketamine.

Cardiac evaluation of clinically healthy captive maned wolves, Chrysocyon brachyurus. All horses were easily intubated immediately afterwards but intubation was easier in the horses which received propofol and guaiphenesin. Reproduction for commercial use is forbidden. The results showed that the heart rate for masslne was on average No changes were observed in dynorphin, beta-endorphin, ACTH, catecholamines and glucose.

Services on Demand Journal.

Cardiac and respiratory disease in rabbits. Although the number of publications has increased in recent years, students and professors still have to increase the number of international publications. English Abstract, Journal Article lang: Medieval IslamMediterranean Studiesand History.

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More studies are required in order to evaluate the actual safety of the combination of propofol and remifentanil in patients with reduced cardiac reserve. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Considering that qualifying professors in Anesthesiology is a Program’s goal, this result confirms that one of the major objectives of the Program is being reached. The animals of this veterinqria were submitted to food fasting, a fact that contributed to a better standardization of the veterinatia, preventing alterations in the morphology of the QRS complex, which could lead to changes in the measurements.

In preparing and defining the disciplines, research lines of faculties participating in the Program were fundamentally taken into consideration to expose students to groups actively involved with research and with the study of corresponding areas and presenting published results in a way that knowledge may be culturally, scientifically and technically transmitted to students. The used method for the measurement of algic stimulus was efficient, noticing a reasonable analgesic period of 3 hours for butorphanol and 6 hours for buprenorphine.

Faculty members are represented by 17 UNESP professors full-time dedicated to teaching and researching, with minimum title of doctor PLD ; from 12 professors participating in the disciplines and advising students, and representing major program core NRD6three are full professors, five are head professors and eight have completed their master or doctoral programs abroad, reflecting the seniority of faculty members.

Restraint and distress in wild mice: The strictu sensu program in Anesthesiology – UNESP, after the approval of the Veterinzria of Graduated Personnel Improvement CAPEShas started its activities in Augustwith the aim of qualifying researchers and professors in Anesthesiology and is opened to physicians and veterinarians specialized in Anesthesiology.

Acta Scientiae Veterinariae

User Username Password Remember me. Strictu sensu post-graduation in anesthesiology: Treatment 1 was propofol P and treatment 2 was propofol and remifentanil P-Remwithout any premedication.


Electrocardiographic values from clinical normal, anesthetized ferrets Mustela putorious furo. Animals of G1 were pre-treated with methotrimeprazine and anesthetized with target-controlled propofol infusion by means of a Harvard infusion pump combined to remifentanil through a syringe pump.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the hemodynamic effects of target-controlled infusion TCI of propofol alone or in combination with a constant-rate infusion CRI of remifentanil. Cardiopulmonary variables were recorded before baselineduring, and min after drug administration. Target-controlled infusion TCI may achieve stable plasma concentrations of intravenous anesthetics.

The mean weight of males was 2. Effect of remifentanil on requirements for propofol administered by use of a target-controlled infusion system for maintaining anesthesia in dogs more.

Electrocardiography in psittacine birds and ferrets. Cardiac electrophysiology in mice: Xylazine and medetomidine showed a similar pharmacodynamic behavior but with different clinical aspects. The objective of this study was to describe the computerized electrocardiographic tracing of agoutis chemically contained by the association of Ketamine and Xylazine.

Estudo anatomo-anestesiológico do segmento lombar (L1 a L6) em cães

Along the last decades, Brazilian universities have increasingly fostered strictu sensu post-graduation programs.

Although the principles of asthma management are well established in Europe, the available data indicate that asthma in patients is not well controlled. Flaio using propofol alone and in combination with guaiphenesin, after detomidine premedication, was evaluated for performance of minor surgical procedures castration and tenotomy in horses.