Buy Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam Revised edition by Gilles Kepel (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery. “Gilles Kepel’s landmark book provides an in-depth history and compelling Perhaps the most definitive is Gilles Kepel’s Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam. Jihad. The Trail of Political Islam. Gilles Kepel Fluent in Arabic, Gilles Kepel has traveled throughout the Muslim world gathering documents, interviews, and.

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Log In Register for Online Access. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. On their own, however, they could not mount a coherent political challenge to the FLN. So what went wrong? And Kepel jibad careful not to say that jihadist terrorism is about to disappear for ever.

Kepel plays down the murderous role of the Army, masquerading as jihadists when it went on killing sprees, in order to cause confusion and to alienate Islamist support, but he does point out that one GIA amir was so divisive in his fanaticism that he was widely held to be a Special Services agent.

Meticulously researched and written in a jargon-free narrative style, the book covers the trials and tribulations of political Islam throughout the world… A standout in the field of current books, this is a sophisticated and timely work that places the events of September 11 in historical and sociopolitical context and sheds greater light on the influence of Osama bin Laden and his movement.

When the earthquake struck in Tipasa, the FIS had only been in existence for about six months. By the time of the riots, an Islamist maquis had been operating for six years. Our recent titles are available via Edelweiss. Altogether, the book is so persuasive, so impeccably handled, that one longs to raise the occasional query.

Despite the fact that it won only 15 per cent of the registered vote, the FLN now has over half the seats in the National Assembly. There would eventually be demonstrations by radicalised Iranian pilgrims in Mecca.


A state of emergency came into effect, Benhadj and Madani were thrown in jail, the hittistes were cleared off the streets and the FIS logo was torn down in the municipalities of virtue. The fall of the Shah terrified most of the regimes in Muslim countries, for it gave Khomeini an extraordinary status in and beyond the lands of Gillws.

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The Great Unleashing

A secular democratic movement? The second round was cancelled, the FIS was dissolved and, a few months later, its officials and thousands of its grass-roots supporters were sent to prison camps in the Sahara. Subscribe to receive information about forthcoming books, seasonal catalogs, and more, in newsletters tailored to your interests.

The divisions in Saudi society persist, largely unnoticed by Western eyes. The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics. Its role in an anti-colonial struggle which, as the demography changed, fewer and fewer Algerians actually remembered was no longer a source of legitimacy.

The dedication and dispatch of the Brothers in the wake of the Cairo earthquake won them an impressive haul of donations the Mubarak Administration duly froze the bank accounts. Longing for the Lost Caliphate: It ran a kind of brigade organisation for volunteers, from the Gulf states, North Africa and elsewhere, presided over the creation of Afghan factions in need of rials, and endowed kepek madrassas in Pakistan the seedbeds of the Taliban.

The FIS introduced separate bathing in the resorts it controlled and put pressure on video kiosks and alcohol traders to close down.

JIHAD: The Trail of Political Islam

The path of violent confrontation which Algerian Islamists were about to take was not new, but so far it had been confined to the countryside. As we confront the threat of terrorism to our lives and liberties, Kepel helps us make sense of the ominous reality of jihad today.

Yet the long counter-thrust of the Wahhabite mission, first against Nasser and giilles kind, and now against Khomeini, did not have the effect that Riyadh had hoped for. Email alerts New issue alert. Sign In or Create an Account. So devastating and unexpected was the September 11th attack on America that many people concluded that Islamic extremism had become a threat of monstrous and mushrooming proportions. That was the task of militant Islam, and there were plenty of militant Islamists in place, many of them teachers and students who were already active, preaching and ministering in working-class — and hittiste — neighbourhoods.


Books of the Week. The writings of Ibn Taymiyya, the 14th-century anti-intellectual and puritan revered by the Wahhabites, were widely distributed during the s and s.

He lives in France.

Jeremy Harding reviews ‘Jihad’ by Gilles Kepel, translated by Anthony F. Roberts · LRB 25 July

He trails the Islamist movements that have kepl Europe in recent years, founding radical communities in France, Britain, Germany and Belgium.

September 11 gave him a new framework, but he sees that event in a way that will surprise and please many who have lately been trying to comprehend the meaning of Islamic politics… An usual commentator on recent events, Professor Kepel is a messenger carrying good news.

By this yardstick, the leaders of the FIS are wanting in several respects. If Islamism is really finished, for example, what will it be that finally rocks the House of Saud to its foundations?

The Kingdom had launched a number of counter-offensives during the s, including the creation of the Muslim World League, which proselytised and cozened and doled out funds, thereby ensuring that the Saudi case against progressive nationalism had an airing.

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Jihad — Gilles Kepel | Harvard University Press

It was partly triumphalism. By the s the tide was turning in favour of theocratic ideas. A Case of Ottoman Imperial Integration. The late twentieth century has witnessed the emergence of an unexpected and extraordinary phenomenon: