iriver clix user guide – chisquared – download iriver clix user guide iriver pdf iriver pmc mp3 players owners manual – manual iriver t listening experience during the playback of your audible filesdownload iriver clix user guide iriver clix user guide pdf view and download iriver s manual. Download Iriver Clix Manual Pdf download iriver clix user guide iriver clix user guide pdf view and download iriver s manual online s mp3 player pdf.

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Select [Now Playing] in the [Home] menu. Automatically turns on after designated time. Changes levels of each frequency range to create your own equalization.

iRiver CLIX Manuals

Resets the product to the factory setting. Sets the speed of fast forward and fast reverse. Records voice only when sound can be detected. If it is properly connected, the LCD will be shown as below. Selects a screen saver.

iriver clix manual

The warming up time will be slightly taken to read all stored files. The information on this manual is prepared with the current player specifications. Browsing Device Deleting file 1. Automatically scans and stores frequencies to the channels. Selects the msnual each picture is displayed on the screen during a slide show.


Press the [C] button on the product to turn it on.

Some low-power USB ports built in some peripheral devices such as certain keyboards and USB hub without integrated power may not manuao enough power to charge. If you select [Pictures], the thumbnails and brief descriptions of stored pictures will be displayed.

Read iriver-clix-manual

After the download is completed, disconnect the cable to activate the firmware upgrade. Selects the play mode which decides the playing order.

Follow the on-screen instructions on the PC to add media files such as music and picture to the library. You may not copy or reproduce any part of this manual unless authorized by iriver Limited.

Approximately KB High: Sets the levels of 3D sound effects. It only supports Korean. Up to 30 channels can be stored. Podcast is a brand new customizable personal media that user can download and enjoy favorite programs without waiting for broadcasting schedule. Displays information of Audible file which is manuaal played. Select [Extras- Browse Device] in the [Home] menu. Browses music files transferred by Windows Explorer. After selecting [iriver clix], click the right mouse button and select [Format], Click [OK] when the message to confirm initialization appears.


Sets the speed of file playback. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. For more information, please visit http: Selects whether the icons will be displayed or not in the [Texts] menu.

Sets the clarity irver sound. Be careful not to delete valuable data because changing [Connection Type] will delete all data in the product.

IRiver CLIX User Manual

Selects whether the icons will be displayed or not in the [Alarm Clock] menu. Adds selected music to the Quick List.

Selects the image to be used as a wallpaper. Using iriver plus 3 and Windows Media Player 11you can save music and irlver files from PC to the iriver clix.