Results 1 – 40 of 40 Tommyknockers by Stephen King and a great selection of similar Used, Tommyknockers: Stephen King . Seller: angeles sancha libros. Results 1 – 30 of 38 Tommyknockers. by King, Stephen. and a great selection of related Tommyknockers by Stephen King . Seller: Agapea Libros Urgentes. Traducción de: The tommyknockers.. Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su anterior propietario. ISBN: X.

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View all 17 comments. For other uses, rommyknockers Tommyknocker. Bobbi and her dog Peter of coursean author of western novels who stumbles and thus starts everything happening in t I really enjoyed reading this book. King connections buckle in for a long ride! I love to read.

A respected reviewer who goes by the name Edward Lorn Don’t trust this guy; He’s presumed to be dangerous recently reviewed this with a 3 star rating and a pretty damn brilliant tokmyknockers. I want to go out; don’t know if I can, ’cause I’m so afraid of the Tommyknocker man. Quite honestly, if this were any other author, I would have lkbro given this 1 star.

Bobbie Anderson finds an object buried in the woods that happens to be the tip of an alien craft. I am a Constant Reader and I loved it!! This is the way I see all those books by SK with a huge ‘town part’ in it like Needful Things or Under the Dome and it works for me, those books are upon my favourite ones by SK.

Yeah, tommyknoockers, I know. Please allow me to preface this review.

The Tommyknockers – Stephen King – Google Libros

Better to read it now rather than when it was released I’d say it’s likely. I will be honest, and this is just MO, but I’m floored at all the supposed “Constant Readers” negative reviews for this book. Trivia About The Tommyknockers.

To me, the larger a King book is, the better. The Tommyknockers is about Pandora’s box, and what happens once it’s open — and it’s also about failed missed? The Drawing of the Three, DT3: In fact, I’d say it’s one of the best books of his that I’ve ever read. He prefers vague supernatural threats that he can routinely increase or reduce the powers of as needed, but when he has to put physical rules to them things fly apart.


I admire his quest to reconsider every King novel in the context of the Dark Tower.

When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, Maine, for good. Putnam’s Sons books Novels adapted into television programs. A character actually makes a reference to King as a living being and a writer, and Jim thinks about Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic adaptation of The Shining. While walking in the woods behind her home, Bobbi literally stumbles over what turns out to be part of an alien spaceship that has been buried for millennia, and is immediately intrigued.

I had a blast reading this with you guys! I enjoyed the introductions to Bobbi and Gard all right, I guess, but the middle was boring. I consider myself to be one who at least has half a brain Hell, I have a Master’s degree, I would I hope I have a brainand consider myself to be someone who pays close attention when reading You got that right, Uncle Stevie. Above all, this is a King fanboy book, the references to his other works if you’ve read a lot of King make this book worth reading.

Maybe I am only realizing it now because I’ve been rereading his works in order.

The Tommyknockers

Retrieved February 15, View all 55 comments. Determined to see what is in the earth, Bobbi starts digging and unknowingly bestows a tommyknlckers upon the small town of Haven, maine. I lihro to think this was where King was snorting coke off to the side linro his laptop with a rolled up dollar bill in one hand while typing with his other hand. Yes, I’m dead serious.

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This book kind of sparked the inspiration for one of his best book Under the Dome so go wild. Rather, they cluttered up the story, screwed up the pace, and mostly, confused the hell out of me. Like many of his books, subtly or not, King touches on the certain things affecting our world, whether it is war, or guns, or whatever. Time for the bad news.

The Tommyknockers

With his last ounce of strength, he activates the ship and telepathically launches it into space. Gard is also an alcoholic and is prone to binges that result in violent outbursts followed by lengthy blackouts. King doesn’t even like this book.

As well, it’s not like the name or nickname, rather tommy,nockers is very common. Worse, it’s dull and not entirely well-written, something I never thought I’d say about King’s This one will be the first book by King I gave up on.

Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels. I feel that way about this one and if you could see the look of disgust on my face while even writing this review, you would know the truth of what I say.

This book contained so much useless filler that I found myself trying to keep track of everything only to find that none of it fucking mattered. Firstly, this book gets a really bad rep for some apparent reason but in my opinion, it is tommyknockes. View all 31 comments. That really surprised me because every time I picked it up I ended up completely absorbed.

They didn’t add anything to the essential grain of the idea.